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Staff Code Teacher Name Email Address
Leadership Team
Headteacher Mr A Conroy
PFO Pamela Foy
AFO Anna Fowler
SBO Stephen Bolland
JDO Joanne Dee
DWI Dan Willis
GNO Gareth Norman
GKE Gillian Kennedy
RCH Rhiannon Chantler
English Department
HMC Holly McLaren
HMA Helen Markham
NLO Nicola Lowe
LTA Lauren Taylor
SCO Sarah Coady
RSM Rachael Smith
EWA Emma Warren
SHE Samuel Heaton
DHO David Horobin
ORA Olivia Rogers
Mathematics Department
PBR Phillip Brighton
RAS Richard Astles
SHA Steven Harrison
TBI Tracey-Ann birds
KKI Karen Kiernan
EBE Eleanor Bennett
RHA Rebekah Harmer
RMA Rumla Majid
DLO Demetri Louizou
SRO Suzannah Rowland
JRA Julie Ramsbottom
Science Department
MBR Mark Brighton
NSL Nerys Slinger
RHE Rebecca Heyes
SGO Saleh Golzar
JMN Joanne McLaughlin
NMN Nathan McNulty
GPE Gillian Perrins
JHA Jacqueline Harrison
EBE Emily Bennett
NRO Natasha Rowlands
LWI Lauren Wicks
Art Department
JOH Jo Holden
CCA Charlotte Carr
MMU Muris Mujagic
CME Catherine Meaburn
Design Technology
ROA    Rachel Oakes
JSM Janine Smith
JWH Jacqueline Whittle
LHA Lauren Harness
Expressive Arts
JMC Joanna McSheffery
KHI Kimberley Hibbert
JTG Jennifer Tonge
Humanities Department
JNI Jonathon Nicholls
HWO Hannah Massey
DWI Daniel Willis
RMI Robert Millson
GHO Guy Hodson
AEL Amelia Elder
SMO Sarah Mosley
JSI Jamie Sims
Computing & Business Studies
RBA Rafael Babar
EMO Erica Morris
GBU Gabrielle Bull
SMC Stuart McKeown
AMO Andrea Mood
Modern Languages
DSH Dale Smith
DMA David Mathews
SBE Stephanie Bertho
Music Department
CBU   Chris Barnett
ODA Oliva Darlington
Physical Education Department
TSL   Tracy Sloane
ZBE Zeph Bennett
VSM   Victoria Smith
RBR Robert Brierley
NSM Natalie Smith
JPM      James McKenna
GWO      Gemma Woods
Life Learning Department
NSM Natalie Smith
Student Support Department
SBU Sara Burke
MPA   Michelle Palmer