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Staff Code Teacher Name Email Address
Leadership Team
Headteacher Mr A Conroy
PFO Pamela Foy
AFO Anna Fowler
SBO Stephen Bolland
JDO Joanne Dee
HBU Helen Butler
KLO Kellie Logan
GNO Gareth Norman
GKE Gillian Kennedy
RCH Rhiannon Chantler
English Department
HMC Holly McLaren
HMA Helen Markham
KED Kate Edwards
LTA Lauren Taylor
SMC       Stuart McKeown
SCO Sarah Coady
RSM        Rachael Smith
EWA       Emma Warren
MBA Misha Battle
TEN Thomas England
JED James Edgerton
MSW Maria Solberg-Williams
Mathematics Department
KBR Karen Burrows
PBR         Phillip Brighton
RAS        Richard Astles
SHA   Steven Harrison
CWI Christopher Wilde
KKI Karen Kiernan
JDN       Jake Daneshpassand
EBE Eleanor Bennett
JMQ       Jack McQuiggin
Science Department
MBR Mark Brighton
NSL Nerys Slinger
RHE Rebecca Heyes
JRY John Ryan
JBR Joanne Bridge
GOC Ged OConnor
GPE Gillian Perrins
JHA        Jacqueline Harrison
EBE Emily Bennett
SLE Samantha Lewis
ZKE Zhubeen Keshe Zhubeen
Art Department
JOH   Jo Holden
CAR Catherine Arnfield
MMU Muris Mujagic
CME Catherine Meaburn
Design Technology
ROA    Rachel Oakes
KBU    Kevan Butler
JSM Janine Smith
JWH Jacqueline Whittle
LHA Lauren Harness
Expressive Arts
JMC Joanna McSheffery
KHI Kimberley Hibbert
JTG Jennifer Tonge
AMO       Andrea Mood
GWO Gemma Woods
Humanities Department
SCA    Stephen Carter
HWO Hannah Massey
DWI Daniel Willis
AHA Amy Hammonds
GHO   Guy Hodson
AEL Amelia Elder
SMO       Sarah Mosley
JFR Jack Franks
TBR Timothy Brown
JSI Jamie Sims
Computing & Business Studies
GDO Giles Dorman
EMO    Erica Morris
GBU   Gabrielle Bull
RWA     Richard Wall
Modern Languages
AMV     Alison Moverley
IFR Imogen Frost
DMA David Mathews
NST Nicola Smart
Music Department
CBU   Chris Barnett
ODA Oliva Darlington
Physical Education Department
TSL   Tracy Sloane
ZBE Zeph Bennett
VSM   Victoria Smith
RBR Robert Brierley
NSM Natalie Smith
JHO       Jan Holt
Life Learning Department
NSM Natalie Smith
Student Support Department
SKE Sara Kemp
MPA   Michelle Palmer
CFA Cathy Fairlie
LAT Lizzy Attwood