Science at Werneth School is an interesting and fascinating subject that aims to explain the world around us. Science is delivered by ten teachers who individually specalise in Biology, Chemistry or Physics. Science is a hands on subject at Werneth School and every opportunity is taken to develop practical and problem solving skills.

Key Stage Three

Students study Science through five one hour lessons over a two-week timetable. During this time topics are taught in half termly blocks with students studying the fundamentals of Biology, Chemistry and Physics from atomic structure to cells and not forgetting electricity and magnetism.  

Key Stage Four

At key stage four students can choose from two different pathways in Science. A large portion of students choose to study Triple Science in their options and receive fifteen lessons over the course of their two-week timetable. The lessons are split equally between Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Pupils who chose this pathway will receive three GCSE grades. The second pathway enables pupils to study combined Science over nine lessons a fortnight and receive two GCSE grades. All classes at key stage four are taught to specialism and are allocated a separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics teacher. All pupils follow the AQA specification and are assessed by external examinations at the end of year eleven. The examinations require pupils to describe and explain specific practical procedures performed during key stage four as a replacement for the traditional controlled assessment element of the course.

A wealth of support is offered to students throughout both key stages including weekly revision clubs and specific intervention programs. We are an experienced and helpful department who are dedicated to driving achievement for all students.

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