headteacherWerneth School is an 11-16 mixed, non-selective maintained secondary school in Stockport.

Our school is located in brand new premises in Bredbury, and is served primarily by 9 feeder primary schools. We work closely with our primary colleagues to ensure transition from primary is as seamless as possible.

Werneth is renowned for its inclusive ethos, as can be seen by our recent Quality Mark accreditation for Inclusion. The school is committed to the development of a broad and balanced all-through curriculum, matched to our students' diverse needs from Year 7 to Year 11.

2016 has led to the introduction of four core principles that will guide our development and practice as a school moving into the future:


Ensuring that our students are recognised for their achievements, and their needs are both understood and met on a daily basis.


Working productively with our students to create ownership and pride in their learning and educational experiences.


Creating a curriculum fit for the needs of every student, and allowing them to be positive and aspirational about their future.


Developing the characteristics of effective learning... independence, resilience, leadership and respect.

Our school is a strategic partner of two aspirational companies: Adidas and the Manchester United Foundation. We use both of these partners to deliver a wide range of educational experiences that complement our practice in school. The aim is to develop the leadership potential and skills of our students, and enable them to become successful young adults.

Andrew Conroy




Results Day

Results Day is Thursday 24th August 2017

Please arrive in alphabetical order by surname at the following times...

9.30am to 10.15am - A - F
10.15am to 11.00am - G - M
11.00am to 11.45am - N - W


Please read our expectations.


Please view our arrangements for September here.


Our Sports Hall has had a 'face lift' and is now available for community lettings

click here for details.



Autumn Term 1

5th September 2017 – Students return to school
6th September 2017 – History Trip – Yr11 History Students
14th September 2017 – Open Evening
9th October 2017 – AAT Meetings – KS3 and KS4
12th October 2017 – Year 11 A1 Reports issued
16th October 2017 – Year 10 Apprenticeship Show
17th October 2017 – Year 11 Apprenticeship Show
20th October 2017 – Break up for Half Term – return 30th October

Autumn Term 2

6th – 9th November 2017 – Fire Safety Event – Yr7 Students
22nd November 2017 – Year 11 Parents Day – First House
23rd November 2017 – Year 11 Parents Evening – 4-7pm
29th November 2017 – SEND Parents Forum
21st December 2017 – Yr7-10 A2 Reports issued
22nd December 2017 – Break up for Christmas – return 8th January

Spring Term 1

15th January 2018 – Yr11 Mock results and A2 Reports issued
25th January 2018 – Year 11 Intervention Evening
31st January 2018 – Year 10 Parents Day – First House
1st February 2018 – Year 10 Parents Evening – 4-7pm
15th February 2018 – Year 11 Progress Reports issued
16th February 2018 – Break up for Half Term – return 26th February

Spring Term 2

1st March 2018 – Year 8 Options Evening – 6-8pm
7th March 2018 – Year 8 Parents Day – First House
8th March 2018 – Year 8 Parents Evening – 4-7pm
14th March 2018 – SEND Parent Forum
16th March 2018 – Deadline for returning Year 8 Options forms
20th March 2018 – Year 9 Vaccinations
21st March 2018 – Year 11 Parents Day – First House
22nd March 2018 – Year 11 Parents Evening – 4-7pm
29th March 2018 – Yr7-11 SP2 Reports issued
29th March 2018 - Finish for Easter – return 16th April

Summer Term 1

25th April 2018 – Year 9 Parents Day – First House
26th April 2018 – Year 9 Parents Evening – 4-7pm
9th May 2018 – Year 7 Parents Day – First House
10th May 2018 – Year 7 Parents Evening – 4-7pm
11th May 2018 – GCSE Exams begin
24th May 2018 – Year 11 Final Reports issued
25th May 2018 – Break up for Half Term – return 4th June

Summer Term 2

4th-8th June 2018 – Revision Week – Yr7-9
11th-15th June 2018 – Exam Week – Yr7-9 / Revision Week – Year 10
13th June 2018 – SEND Parents Forum
18th-29th June 2018 – Exam Week – Year 10
12th July 2018 – Open Evening / Yr7-10 Reports issued
16th-20th July 2018 – Year 10 Work Experience
18th-20th July 2018 – Can-Do Week / Year 7 Camp
24th July 2018 – Finish for Summer – return 3rd September


Posted on Friday 21sth July 2017

Here are some photographs from our amazing Can-Do week. Look out for the Summer Camp video coming soon...


Have a great summer, see you in September.

Andrew Conroy


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