Posted on Thursday 15th February 2018


Half term is finally here, with our students at home on Friday this week. Friday is a training day for our teachers. On the training day, we will be focusing particularly on the importance of written work: adopting a standard approach to the teaching of literacy across every teacher in school; sharing good practice on how to improve the length and quality of students’ writing; looking at some new teaching strategies to improve progress in classrooms; standardising how we assess students’ work in Years 7 and 8; looking at how we can get the most from revision sessions with Year 10 and Year 11.

Congratulations to our Year 10 Construction group, who have worked really hard again this term. They have gained in confidence and are now beginning to improve their own learning and performance. The students are almost ready for their Assessment in Joinery and after half term they will be assessed individually on this Unit. It’s pleasing to see the students beginning to assess their own work and identify standards to ensure they meet the Assessment Criteria. Peer assessment is also taking place and enabling students to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses.

The group are working hard to prepare for the functional skills exams and have been working on percentages, area, volume and probability. Although they find this part of the day challenging, they are all showing commitment and determination to succeed. Particular congratulations to Student of the Half Term, Kiahn Hodkinson who has achieved a persistently excellent approach to his learning, 100% attendance and excellent progress towards his functional skills exam.

Miss McSheffrey, our Head of Performing Arts, took a group of Year 10 GCSE Drama students to watch a performance of “Teechers” at Romiley Forum this week, as part of their GCSE course – they will be studying the text in lessons.

Meanwhile Mrs Holden, our Head of Visual Arts, was delighted this week with the visit of some Chinese Artists, who led sessions within Art lessons with a cultural twist of the Far East. Mrs Holden and our fantastic Art team have also been creating an in-school mural at the end of B floor to extend their Art gallery. The mural is being jointly created by students and staff to brighten up this area even further, and to give our students some ownership in their own school building. There will be more opportunities to create a variety of art forms in the summer term as we seek to make our new building a celebration of students’ work.

The holiday pattern for 2018/19 academic year has finally been confirmed today, and I hope to get this communicated to parents in the next edition of the blog. We will confirm it on our website prior to this however so keep an eye out if you need to check those dates.

We return to school on Monday 26th February.

Have a great half term.

Andrew Conroy



Posted on Friday 9th February 2018

This week’s blog is focused exclusively on the importance of attendance at Werneth School.

Maintaining positive attendance is absolutely crucial for every young person, and you will I am sure be aware that research shows even small absences can impact seriously on GCSE grades.  I am sure that you have noticed through recent communication that attendance is a key priority for improvement for some of our students at Werneth School. This is a message for all parents as we feel that our expectations around attendance and punctuality should be highlighted to everyone. 

Why bother worrying about attendance?

Being in school is the only way to ensure that progress is maximised towards those crucial exam results in Year 11. Colleges, apprenticeship providers and employers all ask school for records of attendance, and it makes a real difference when choosing who to employ.

How do absence marks work?

Students are expected to be on site by 8.40am to receive their morning mark. If a student arrives in school after registration, a reason for the late arrival will be recorded and a detention may be given. When a student arrives in school after 10am, a late absent mark will be recorded in the register and this will contribute to a student’s overall absence.

What action will school take if attendance is a concern?

If your child has unsatisfactory attendance or punctuality you will have received letters from your child’s Year Inclusion Manager or been visited at home by the Attendance Team to raise this issue with you. If attendance does not improve, absences will not be authorised without medical evidence and ultimately a referral will be made to the Local Authority’s Education Welfare Service to consider issuing an Education Penalty Notice or to start the Parenting Contract process. This can lead to prosecution. The pastoral staff at school will work with you to try to improve attendance but if this is not successful, we will take action.  All of this is in line with the legal requirements for schools.

What do you do if your child is unable to attend school?

If your child is unable to attend school you must ring school before 8.40am to register a reason for absence. It is important that you phone school on every day of absence so that we know your child will not be attending and you do not receive text messages asking about his or her whereabouts. These are sent for safeguarding reasons and so that you know that your child has not registered at school.

Can my child have leave of absence during term time?

School will not grant leave of absence during school term time unless exceptional circumstances exist which outweigh the harm caused to a pupil’s education by missing school. If the leave of absence is taken without permission, school will request an Education Penalty Notice which may result in a fine of £60. This will rise to £120 if it is not paid within 21 days. This is per parent, per child.

What happens if my child comes to school and feels unwell?

If a student is feeling unwell in school they must inform their teacher in the first instance. If it is not teaching time, a student can inform the main office where first aid is coordinated and trained staff will complete an assessment. School staff will ring parents or carers if a student needs to go home. It is essential the procedures are followed and students must not use their own mobile phones to contact parents or carers and asked to be collected during the day.

I hope this shows you the crucial steps we are taking as a school to ensure that attendance is not a barrier to students’ learning and achievement.  If school and home work closely together, we can provide the very best opportunities for young people to succeed.

2017 - 2018 Term dates

Have a good weekend

Andrew Conroy





Posted on Friday 2nd February 2018

Year 11 continue their vital build-up to the GCSEs, with only 3 calendar months remaining now until the main examinations in the summer commence.  In terms of school weeks, it is very little time.  There are a wealth of opportunities available in school for revision and an after-school timetable every day for every GCSE subject.  Many students are taking advantage of this opportunity, but some still need pushing from teachers and parents together.  Every day, every lesson counts now in gaining those vital extra marks to move to higher level passes.

Year 11 Food Technology students continue to impress Miss Harness and Mrs Oakes with their practical assessments, on pastry and meat this week.  Here is a sample of their finished work …

It was a focus on Year 10 though this week as we held our Year 10 Parents’ Consultation Evening in school on Thursday evening.  It was really encouraging to see so many parents in school to discuss progress with teachers, and also at First House Brinnington on Wednesday.  Working in partnership with parents always leads to improved performance in our young people.

This week the Humanities department hosted an event for all year 8 pupils in order to commemorate and educate pupils about Holocaust Memorial Day. This links into developing pupils’ social, moral and cultural understanding. The event saw an external speaker called Mr Naftel visit Werneth School and speak to all year 8 pupils.   Pupils were taught about the events of the Holocaust and also learnt about Mr Naftel’s personal experience. He informed pupils that he had relatives who both survived and were lost in the extermination camps. The year 8 cohort demonstrated exceptionally good listening skills and were very respectful. Mr Naftel remarked on a number of pupils such as Jake Hamilton, Niall Dudley and Kyle Allen who were very engaged and asked lots of questions, showing a keen interest to learn.


Our new displays have been going up around school this week. Each department has a display for excelling students.

Finally, congratulations to our Book of Excellence winners this week:

Year 7 Chelsey McKie
Year 8 Harley McPherson
Year 9 Alister Shojakhai
Year 10 Jasmine Estelle
Year 11 Will Moran


Have a good weekend.


Andrew Conroy



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Posted on Friday 26th January 2018

This week, we organised our first Werneth School Careers Fair in our Main Hall.  All year 9 & 10 students were invited to attend and meet local training and college providers, to start thinking about their future post-16 options.  Aquinas College, Cheadle & Marple College, Tameside & Clarendon Sixth Form College, Stockport College, The Skills Co, the NHS and the RAF all sent representatives fully laden with information, prospectuses and lots of fun and interactive activities.  Please have a chat with your child and look through the literature given out at the event and let’s spur them on to achieve great things.  The providers all commented on the mature interest of many of our students in discussing their future pathways!


Last week was Young Carers Week at Werneth, and we raised awareness of the vital role that young carers play in supporting a member of their family in their daily lives.  Assemblies were held, and we organised some activities in school to raise the profile of the carers.  If they aren’t supported, young carers can have their progress affected because their workload at home creates problems in school.  At Werneth, Mrs Lumsden is our central contact for Young Carers.  As a result of the focus last week, we were made aware of several young people who act as young carers but we were not aware of this fact.  As a result of knowing that, we can now offer additional support.  If you believe there is a Werneth student in your family who is a young carer and we don’t know about it, it’s worth speaking to Mrs Lumsden so that we can activate some support. Read more about young carers here.

Our Year 11s have now received their mock examination results.  It was good to see so many Year 11 parents at the GCSE Intervention Evening this Thursday.  I know how much time teachers have been dedicating to provide detailed feedback for students, in order to improve those grades and gain success in the summer.  There is no excuse for Year 11 – daily preparation should be in full swing.  There are a host of resources, lunchtime and after school revision sessions as well as time to revise at home every evening.  Steady revision leads to spectacular success!  If Year 11 parents need any advice or help in preparing their child for any aspect of GCSE revision, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Hunt who will liaise with teachers in school if she doesn’t know the answer immediately.  Mrs Foy, Deputy Headteacher, also leads this aspect in school and parents can speak with her on any aspect of Year 11 examination prep.

Year 11 GCSE Food Technology students have been preparing for their first trial examination over the past fortnight.  Miss Harness has sent some photographs of the excellent samples produced – fish and chips!

Meanwhile, some of our Year 8 pupils recently participated in a day of Drama workshops with other schools across Stockport.   The pupils had a fantastic time and were a credit to the school.   Despite being a year to two years younger than the other pupils, they participated fully and created some excellent work.

Book of Excellence winners this week are:
Lewis Hencher, Year 7 for Life Learning
Bethany Pridgeon, Year 8 for Art
Ayah Azabanee, Year 9 for Science
Kiahn Hodkinson, Year 10 for English
Steph Thompson, Year 11 for Maths  


Finally, I mentioned a few weeks ago that a new community project will commence next half term in partnership with Manchester United, where we will be offering our astroturf pitches for Friday evening football with qualified coaches.  Manchester United are currently advertising for vacancies with these positions as coaches, to work with young people.  If you are interested, click on the following links: 

Casual Youth Engagement Coach

Casual Football Coach


Have a good weekend.


Andrew Conroy






Posted on Friday 19th January 2018

It’s been a sad, reflective week here at Werneth as we have mourned the passing of one of our Year 11 students on Monday, Max Westwell.

Max had been fighting a rare form of cancer for the past 15 months, and his fight was brave and full on.  Unfortunately, he lost that battle on Monday. Thankfully his passing was peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by his family.

Max is the fifth member of his family to attend Werneth, and his family came into school on Tuesday morning to talk through the good times with us.  They are thankful of the support offered to them from all members of the Werneth community and wanted me to communicate that message to everyone.

Max was a very inquisitive, optimistic, intelligent and caring young man who loved every day at school and at home with his family.  He is already sorely missed by his friends and teachers at Werneth.

Max’s family would love him to be remembered at Werneth, and we are exploring ways that we can move forward with a permanent memorial in school.  His family will work with us on that over the coming weeks and months.  They wanted to pass on to our Year 11s that Max will be with them in spirit over the coming months as they sit their examinations, and enjoy the rites of passage with their prom in the summer term.



Andrew Conroy






Posted on Friday 12th January 2018

Welcome to 2018, and a happy new year to every member of our school community!
It’s been a calm and purposeful start to term, and our students have responded well to the first challenges of the new term. 

I have spoken with our Year 11 students in assembly this morning about the unique challenges of their final full term at Werneth before the vital GCSE examinations in the summer.  Year 11 will pick up their mock examination results on Monday.  As ever, they are a mixed bag on an individual and year group basis.  Some students have performed well, and some have a lot of work to now secure success in the summer. 

Of course, the whole purpose of mock examinations is to judge where we currently sit and to use them as a checkpoint: the vital journey between receiving those results and resolving to improve them for the summer is now central to their school life.  We are all working hard to get the results they deserve, and parents of Year 11 students should always feel able to contact teachers and leaders in school to activate any necessary support.  There should be no barriers to success.  Our teachers are ensuring that there will be many support mechanisms for Year 11 between now and the examinations.  These include revision materials, after school revision sessions and opportunities in the Easter holidays.  More details to come!

Some key dates for this half term:

Thursday 25th January 2018 – Year 11 intervention evening ( parents may be asked to visit school to discuss any issues with particular subjects in preparation for GCSE )

Wednesday 31st January 2018 – Year 10 parents drop-in day at First House, Brinnington

Thursday 1st February 2018 – Year 10 Full Parents’ Consultation Evening

Thursday 15th February 2018 – School breaks up for half term at 3.10pm ( return 26th Feb )

Could I remind parents that you update any details with school if any circumstances have changed, particularly parental contact information – mobile numbers, emails etc.


I’d like to welcome some new staff to Werneth this week: Mrs Birds in Mathematics; Mr Ryan in Modern Languages and Mr Renshaw in Science.  In addition, Mrs Houghton has commenced her new role working as Emotional Health and Wellbeing Officer to support students.  Consequently, we have made some changes within our year teams for Year 8 and Year 9.  Year 8 is led by Mrs Tonge and Mr Jones, who joined Werneth this week.  Year 9 is led by Mr Mujagic with Mrs Lumsden now switching into this year group.


We’ve been installing some new aspirational displays at key locations around school over the break and during the course of this week, linked to some of the subject areas in school.  Here’s a flavour of some of those displays …


Finally, I am very pleased to announce that we have managed to secure a new programme working with Manchester United Foundation for evening community football sessions on our floodlit astroturf pitches, coached by Manchester United qualified coaches.  The sessions will be open to young people between the ages of 8 and 18, and will operate every Friday evening starting next half term.  More information will come on this exciting community venture over the coming weeks.



Have a good weekend.

Andrew Conroy






Posted on Thursday 21st December 2017

It’s been a happy and festive end of term today with Christmas jumpers, gifts and celebration events in school. We have raised £985 for charity today with our non-uniform event.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to the worthy causes. The autumn term this year has been a 15 week affair, with this half term particularly long.  It has been action packed and full of opportunities, though it’s fair to say everyone is now ready for a rest and recharge before we return on Monday 8th January 2018.

As you will know from a previous blog, we have been operating a “12 days of Christmas” attendance event to promote excellent attendance right up to today.

Congratulations to the winners, who received prizes today:
£10 Gift Vouchers: Kade 7R; Ellie 7N; James 7S; Charley 8T; Bethany 9C; Luke 9C; Alex 9W;
Amber 9E; Jasmine 10O; Callum 10N;
Luke 10C; Kayleigh 11W 
2 x MUFC Premier League Tickets; Dylan 8W 
Kindle Fire Joshua 7O 

Congratulations also to the winners of selection boxes and other prizes in yesterday’s Celebration Assemblies across every year group.

Thank you to all of our families in school who have donated to our Food Bank Appeal.  We have collated a mass of items from every form group in school to donate to Stockport Food Bank at a time of the year when many families will appreciate a helping hand financially.  Miss Darlington is overwhelmed with the generosity from our families, which will help the local community.

I’d like to formally say goodbye to a number of staff who are leaving us at Christmas:
Mr Dorman (Computer Science); Mr Wilde (Mathematics); Mr Keshe (Science); Mr Danesh (Mathematics) and Mrs Beckett from our Learning Support department.
We thank all of them for their services to our school community.

I’d like to give a special mention to Mrs Jan Holt who leaves us this week after an association with Werneth School that began in 1979.  Jan has been a PE teacher for many years and – for the past 15 years – has also worked as our Primary Sports Co-ordinator, working in all of our feeder primary schools to promote sport.  Jan is passionate about developing sport in our young people.  I am sure she must know virtually all of the young people in our local area in some capacity, and some of the not so young people will have benefited from her work as well.

As a mark of Jan’s longstanding efforts in school, Mrs Sloane – our Head of PE here at Werneth – has initiated a new sporting shield to be presented to the feeder primary school who makes the largest contribution to sport in our partnership with them every year.  A fitting legacy for Jan’s time at Werneth.  We wish her a long and happy retirement.

I would also like to draw your attention to our first ever edition of our students’ own newspaper, the Werneth Whisper.

That’s it for 2017!  On behalf of everyone at Werneth, we wish all families associated with our school a wonderful festive season, and we look forward to welcoming our students back on 8th January 2018.

Andrew Conroy




Posted on Friday 15th December 2017



It’s a packed edition of the blog this Friday, as there have been so many events in school at the end of our final full week.  Next week, we are in school as normal Monday to Wednesday and then finish at 12pm on Thursday.  Thursday will be a Christmas themed non-uniform day for two worthy causes: students are asked to bring £1 into school on the day.

As part of our partnership with Adidas, representatives from our two choirs came together for a spot of Christmas carolling at Manchester Children's Hospital on Tuesday. They sang a whole range  of Christmas songs from traditional carols to popular Christmas classics. We had an appreciative audience and helped raise money for the hospital along the way.  Jonathan Collinge, Adidas CSR Manager commented “They were fantastic! The engagement level from the students was first class.  I feel everyone who went added something very special to what is a sad time in the hospital.  All the staff and children totally enjoyed the singing.”

Next Wednesday, 20th December, is our popular Carol Concert starting at 7.15pm at St Chad’s Church in Romiley.  It’s my favourite school event of the year, so I am absolutely gutted to be unable to attend this year.  Get yourself along though if you can though … it’s a real treat.

Year 7 have been making and decorating Christmas gingerbread in Food technology this week.   Attached are pictures of contributions from Elle, Ebony, Arran, Olivia and Charlotte.  Well done to our Great Werneth Bakers!

Meanwhile, Year 10 boys and girls dodge ball teams both came 3rd in Stockport schools competition on Tuesday.  Both teams showed great sportsmanship and represented the school in a very positive way.

Congratulations to Elliott in Year 8 who had a fabulous time representing Werneth School and the North West at the English Schools national diving finals. Competing against some of the best junior divers in the country, he placed 9th out of 16 on springboard.  He is pictured here in his North West kit with Tom Daley.

We have a group of enterprising Year 7 boys who approached me last week to create a poster to be used around school in every classroom.  They wanted to remind everyone in school of key school rules, and they worked with our web designer Mrs Mansfield to create the design.  Well done to Samuel, Josh and Jack and you can see their finished poster here.

Our teacher trainees have enjoyed a successful placement with us this term.   They left our school today and move on to another school in January, in order to continue their teacher training course. We thank them for all their hard work with our students and wish them well in the new year. We have a new group of trainees starting to work with us in January.

We arranged for our Year 11 students to visit Stockport College today to sample a range of vocational subjects that they can consider when they leave us in the summer.  As a treat for their hard work in the recent mock examinations, we laid on a buffet lunch for them.  We now look forward to seeing their results in the new year on Mock Exam Results Day in January.


Students from Werneth spent some time with residents of Pembroke Court retirement home on Thursday. The Tracks team were there providing refreshments before students from our Seventh Octave singing group arrived armed with song books so that everyone could join in with a whole variety of Christmas songs both old and new. 


Book of Excellence Winners this week – congratulations to all of our winners this week:

Year 7 - Owen, for excellence in Maths
Year 8 - Aidan, for excellence in Food Tech
Year 9 - Katie, for excellence in History
Year 10 - Fi, for excellence in MFL
Year 11 - Georgia, for excellence in History

Finally, please keep an eye out if you follow the Guardian online or in print.  We anticipate that Werneth School will be featured there on Boxing Day, a leading schools in terms of restorative practice.  The national Restorative Justice Council is publishing a short video which was filmed at Werneth earlier this term, featuring some of our students.  I hope to link the video to my blog in the new year.

My final blog of 2017 to come next Thursday.


Have a good weekend.

Andrew Conroy





Posted on Friday 8th December 2017


I have mentioned a number of times that attendance is a key priority for our school. We are keen to recognise those students who are here every day regardless of the challenges that some of them face in achieving this and we have on-going rewards throughout the year to celebrate their success. December is a particularly difficult time of year with the cold, dark mornings.  With that in mind, we have introduced this week our 12 days of Christmas Attendance initiative, to recognise all of our students who attend for the 12 days before the last day of term. A draw will be held on the last day of term, Thursday 21st December, to win a number of prizes. Thank you for supporting good attendance at Werneth School. This is key to students' achievement and success in their future life. View our attendance poster here.

On Friday 1st December a group of 30 Year 10 Photography students took part in a work shop with award winning Photographer Paul Wolfgang. Students worked around the theme of 7 Deadly Sins. Students also had an opportunity to work with Media and Make up artists to create effective and eye catching make up. They also had a master class session with Paul Wolfgang on how to light an effective photograph and work in a studio based environment. Each students also had an opportunity to work with SLR cameras and created various location shots around school.  These photographs will now be used to develop their photo shop skills and create a portfolio for their Year 10 coursework.

Being trained in CPR and First Aid can be invaluable when someone is in serious medical distress. ...  Knowing what to do in an emergency medical situation can mean the difference between life and death.  A group of students in Year 11 have recently completed a Basic First Aid Course and enjoyed learning how to respond to emergency situations.  Topics covered included Recovery Position, CPR, AED (automated external defibrillator) training, bandaging and how to treat Burns and Scalds.  Not only is learning First Aid an important life skill, it’s also a highly desirable work skill.  Well done to the Group who passed their final assessment. 

Our Werneth Christmas Concert took place on Wednesday evening at school. It was packed full of Christmassy tunes to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. The concert featured our Senior Band, a variety of ensembles and our year 7 and 8 singing group 'Seventh Octave'. A special mention goes to our soloists of the evening; James, Harry, Harvey, Decland, Leah, Amelia, Amy and Lauren who all performed excellently in front of a large audience. Special thanks to Alex in Year 7 who confidently compered the evening.

Book of Excellence Winners this week – congratulations to all of our winners this week:

Year 7 - Jamie, for excellence in English
Year 8 - Ethan, for excellence in Food Tech
Year 9 - Mia, for excellence in Dance
Year 10 - Josh, for excellence in English
Year 11 - Jack, for excellence in Maths

Finally, a reminder that school will finish at 12pm on Thursday 21st December 2017.  Buses have been arranged and students who are provided with free school meals will be able to collect a grab bag if required.  We return to school on Monday 8th January at 8.40am.

Have a good weekend.

Andrew Conroy





Posted on Friday 1st December 2017


As we enter December, the school is gearing up for Christmas.  The school Christmas tree is up and we are considering the range of events we will offer this month. 

First and foremost, I want to place on record how delighted we are with our Year 11s.  They are an excellent group of young people, and they have worked really hard this week in their GCSE mock examinations.  It is always stressful and challenging but they have been delightful, hard working and we know they have tried their very best.  The mocks continue next week.

Meanwhile, in school, many of our forms are collecting items for Stockport Food bank by doing the Reverse Advent Calendar.  Speak to your child to see if their form is taking part and if you can help in any way, please send in something from the following list.  


Year 11 Graphics group have visited Manchester to study corporate design and branding for their GCSE exam. The Betham Tower Hilton Hotel is the tallest building in Manchester. Said, the General Manager, invited us to the Cloud Bar on the 53rd floor on our tour. There is an amazing panoramic view of the whole of Greater Manchester and a glass floor to look through if you have the nerve. The hotel is the destination for famous musicians and footballers in the city. Said told us about the amazing functions which are held there and as a special treat allowed us into the VIP area.  This can be rented for £80,000 per night if you have that sort of money for your birthday party ..... a great incentive to work hard!

We took a mixture of Year 9/10 girls to a Hub Football tournament through the MU Foundation which was held at Deans Trust, Ardwick. The girls worked really well together as a team and encouraged each other throughout. A particular highlight was Caitlin receiving the 'Player of the Tournament' award amongst approximately 70 students participating.

Manchester United Foundation held an event at Old Trafford on Monday 27th November around Resilience. There was a guest speaker Dean Stott who spoke about the challenges he has faced in his life, and how he overcome these obstacles to get to where he is now. He is now attempting a World Record cycling challenge 'The Pan American Highway 18'. The total distance he will travel is 14,000 miles and he is aiming to do so in 110 days. The charity he is raising money for is 'Heads together'. There were 4 Year 8 students who attended this event, and engaged with the workshops really well.

On Thursday 30th November, 2 Year 11 students were invited down to the ITV studios to have a tour around the Coronation Street set. This was as a reward for their outstanding performances in the Bugsy Malone performance at the Official launch day event last year, with special guests such as Sir Bobby Charlton, Barry Matthews (ITV) and Jonathan Collinge (Adidas) in attendance. One student commented saying 'It was great to see all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make Coronation Street and all the various job roles within.' 

Don’t forget our Christmas Concert in the main hall on Wednesday 6th December, 7.00pm start. Tickets £2.50 for adults £1.50 for children. I’m unfortunately unable to attend the event next week, but I know it will successful, and I look forward to congratulating our student participants who are working hard to prepare a great show.

Book of Excellence Winners this week – congratulations to all of our winners this week:

Year 7 - Ellie, for excellence in History
Year 8 - Jolie, for excellence in Maths
Year 9 - Jess, for excellence in Photography                                  
Year 10 - Katie, for excellence in RE                   
Year 11 - Hannah, for excellence in Music

Last week 8 Year 10 Business Studies students attended a Young Apprentice event where they were competing against other schools and colleges in Stockport.  The students worked in teams to develop an idea to promote visitors to Stockport’s historical tourist attractions. The students used their business knowledge to develop their ideas and had to present to a panel of judges. Each team performed well and one of the teams came third and won a prize. The session was very worthwhile and enjoyed by all and will help the students with their studies.

Have a good weekend.

Andrew Conroy




Posted on Friday 24th November 2017


It was great to see so many of our Year 11s with their parents at last night’s Year 11 Parents’ Evening.  We know how hard our Year 11s are working in preparation for their GCSE Mock Examinations, which start next week. A copy of the mock examination timetable is on the front page of the website.  We have also arranged a visit to Stockport College for our Year 11s after their mock examinations, so that they can view a range of post-16 subjects.  More information to come on this.

21 students from all year groups brought festive cheer to the Christmas markets in Romiley on Saturday 18th November. The girls performed 2 festive dances to the community who clapped and cheered along.  Well done to all those involved!

Mrs Tonge has asked me to pass on congratulations to McKenzie Barnes in Year 9, who competed in the World Cheerleading Championships in Japan last week and gained a silver medal. She had the medal with her on Monday in school and it’s a fantastic achievement.  She didn't really want a big fuss but she was rightly glowing with pride.

The Year 9 Boys basketball team had a narrow loss, 36 - 37 against Hazel Grove this week.  A very close game that could have gone either way.

Last week, a group of 21 Year 11 students went to visit John Rylands library in Manchester as part of an English enrichment project. They had a tour of the library and took part in a Gothic creative writing session in which they used the building as inspiration for a piece of descriptive writing.   This was a really worthwhile and enjoyable visit to this stunning building. One student commented that it was "nice to be in such a different and unique environment". 

Book of Excellence Winners this week – congratulations to all of our winners this week:

Year 7 - Lorenzo, for excellence in Maths
Year 8 - Ciara, for excellence in English
Year 9 - Chloe, for excellence in Art
Year 10 - Daniel, for excellence in ICT
Year 11 - Omar, for excellence in Maths

Have a good weekend.

Andrew Conroy




Posted on Friday 17th November 2017

It was great to see a large number of Werneth students involved in the Remembrance Service at Bredbury Memorial on Sunday. As well as many representing uniformed groups we also had members of our band and singing groups accompanying the congregation. A notable mention to Steph Thompson who did a great job of playing The Last Post.

Through our partnership with Adidas on Tuesday 14th November we had the privilege of having the Lowry Theatre transform our Main Hall to perform a tour which explores the lives of young carers. The performance focused on raising awareness around the challenges they face and also to help identify hidden young carers within our school community. Last November the production 'Who Cares' premiered at The Lowry. The production focuses on the stories of three young carers, presented verbatim from over 12 months of interviews, and will tour from the 30th October, throughout the country, finishing at The House of Lords in December.

In attendance at the performance were Stockport Young Carer staff, Councillor Colin Foster, Councillor Dean Fitzpatrick and The Director of Education for Stockport Phil Beswick. All commented on the outstanding behaviour and emotional intelligence of the Y7, Y8 & Y9 pupils who watched the performance. The Lung Theatre said that Werneth had been the best school they've performed to so far. The well-being room was accessed by a number of pupils for some advice and support from Stockport Young Carers. Out of those pupils we have identified a number of new young carers who were previously unknown to us in that role. This really shows the impact that the performance had on our pupils.

Raising attendance is one of the key priorities in school and students are actively involved in making this high profile. A competition has been running over the last couple of weeks for students to design a logo to represent our Attendance Champions League. Congratulations to Ethan, Lydia and Lakeisha from 10W whose designs have been combined to create our logo. This is displayed on our Attendance notice board and will be used on all Champions League information. All three students received a £10 gift voucher for their contribution.

Mr McKenna in PE reports that the boys Year 9 Basketball team competed in the Reddish Vale basketball competition last night and reached the semi-final, which they unfortunately lost to Reddish Vale. They had good wins over Harrytown and Marple Hall in the process.

Book of Excellence Winners this week – congratulations to all of our winners this week:

Year 7 –Robbie
Year 8 – Aaron
Year 9 – Kobe
Year 10 – Molly
Year 11 – Rhianna

Miss Wickes in the Science department launched Science Club this week. It's currently only for year 7 and will run for 4 weeks during Tuesday lunchtimes. The first session had an amazing turn out, apparently the best numbers any Werneth Science Club has seen! About 40 students attended! We even had to turn several away as they arrived a bit too late and we were getting too cramped! Each student has received their own loyalty card that they will need to get stamped each week. Any student that attends all 4 sessions will be nominated for the next Science Rewards Trip (Burgers & Bowling). The first session this week was on 'DNA Extraction', so started with a mini lesson to give them some background information, expanding on what they have learnt so far in Biology as well as introducing them to some GCSE content. Everyone was very excited, getting involved and asking questions throughout! It definitely took great dedication for them to gargle saltwater for at least a minute, with most students able to see some good results! Next week will be Chemistry themed, introducing them to the pH scale and hopefully producing a rainbow in a test tube! After that we will have Physics, testing their engineering skills to build the strongest structure and – finally - a heart dissection!

And on that note, have a good weekend!


Andrew Conroy



Posted on Friday 10th November 2017

It’s Remembrance Sunday this Sunday, and some of our school musicians will be providing the music at the cenotaph ceremony at George Lane, 3pm.  Our Head Girl and Boy will be laying a wreath on behalf of the school.  In addition, we have held a minute’s silence at 11am today to pay our respects.  Mrs Craven’s Tracks group have also created a commemorative wreath of their own to display in school – a thoughtful gesture from students Jade Daniels, Matthew Tolan, Shannon Burgess, Rene Vesely and Eddie Broughton.

On Tuesday 7th November, Manchester United Foundation held an anti-bullying event, WWE 'Be A Star' at Old Trafford. 4 year 7s had the opportunity to meet 2 WWE superstars, Natalya (Smackdown Womens Champions) and Dolph Ziggler. Afterwards they has a museum tour of Manchester United. Throughout the day the students represented Werneth School really well and gained some valuable experiences about tackling bullying.

On Tuesday we had our 2nd round of fixtures for our primary school netball and football competition ran by Mrs Holt, Miss Woods and Mr Mcgrath. This involved 8 netball teams and 8 football teams, with over 120 students taking part.  The event was successfully officiated and organised by our Y11 Sports Leaders.

On Friday last week, The Manchester Actors Company visited Werneth to perform 'A Christmas Carol' to our Year 11 students. Year 11 have been studying this text in English and the performance really helped to being the story to life for them. It will also aid them in their preparation for the mock exams which begin in a few weeks. The performance was followed by a question and answer session in which students were able to discuss the text with the actors and the director of the play. Afterwards, students commented on how the play had helped them to remember key details and quotes from the story.

This Thursday, we held our GCSE Presentation Evening to students at Romiley Forum.  Certificates were presented by the Mayor of Stockport, and it was lovely to hear how well our students are progressing at college.  We are obviously now working hard with our current Year 11s and it was therefore great to enjoy a celebration feast at break today with those students who are fully on track to achieve excellent results.  I am hoping the number of those students increases steadily as we move through the rest of the year.  GCSE mock examinations are only weeks away.

Book of Excellence Winners this week – congratulations to all of our winners this week:

Year 7 – Joshua
Year 8 – Katie
Year 9 – Roshna
Year 10 – Buddhima
Year 11 – Lewis

Some key dates for this half term:

Thursday 23rd November – Year 11 Parents’ Consultation Evening
27th November until 15th December – Year 11 GCSE Mock Examinations
Thursday 21st December – break up for Christmas holidays, returning on Monday 8th January


Have a good weekend!  

Andrew Conroy




Posted on Friday 3rd November 2017


I want to start this week by reflecting back on one of the highlights of last half term: the wonderful production of “Fame” at Romiley Forum.  This took place during the last week of the half term.  I didn’t have the opportunity to write the summary for the blog at the end of last half term, as it was published the day after the performance. So here it is …

The school production is always a real highlight of the school year, and this year’s “Fame” production certainly more than lived up to expectations.    Our students performed to our feeder primary schools, and then three public performances from Monday to Wednesday at the Forum.  A total of 61 students were involved across every year group in school, including a number of our new Year 7s in their first half term at Werneth.

Everyone deserves a mention, but particularly plaudits must go to some of the key performers – Chloe Hodgson and Brooke Atkinson for their stunning vocal talent, and Lewis Lloyd, Tyler Beckett, Jake Forrest, Josh Hibbert, Hannah Ormiston, Leah Loughlan, Ellen Roberts, Rose Warburton, Henry Jackson and Liam Parry for their roles with key characters.

Our supporting band were also on top form with their musical accompaniment.  As a school, we were very proud of everyone who produced such an excellent production.

I’d like to recognise the “backroom staff”, ranging from our teachers who put the whole show together to the support staff who helped with organising students, making costumes, selling tickets, lighting and everything else that goes along with the event.  Many, many hours of hard work into the evening and at weekends, but I’m sure worth all of the blood, sweat and tears. More photos have been published on our Facebook page.

Parents of Year 7 students should look out for a letter over the coming week related to our new “Adidas Academy”, launched this week.  The aim of this exciting new programme is to provide our students with some core skills to aim for over the course of the school year.  Those students who attain these skills and experiences will then graduate at the end of the year with a Gala Dinner hosted by Adidas in Hazel Grove.

Parents will no doubt have been told by your children that we have been re-establishing some ground rules this week with regard to uniform.   We’ve had a tough stance on establishing those basic standards, checking uniform on entry and it hasn’t made us popular with some of our students.  The result is however that we have reduced uniform issues from 87 students with missing items on Monday to fewer than 20 on Friday.  We intend to keep up this monitoring, and we thank parents for your support in helping us to maintain those standards.  Young people like to test boundaries with uniform, but together we can ensure they are set up for a productive school day in the correct uniform.

This week has also seen the 'kick-off' of our Attendance Champions League in school. This is our whole school attendance initiative where each form 'plays' another form and wins points by beating their opponent at attendance. The league table will be displayed on the attendance notice board and around school.  Rewards will be given within year groups and at the end of the academic year. Please support us in encouraging excellent attendance at school. This will ensure your child achieves to the very best of their ability.

Some of our Year 9 students attended an event at Manchester University this week, providing the opportunity to learn about various careers within engineering, science and maths backgrounds.  It was a highly active event with all students trying their hand at experiments, handling cutting edge technology devices and learning from Engineers, Scientists and Technologists influencing the 21st century.  During activity 2 - Careers Fair - young people got the chance to speak with industry champions and talk about careers that they had never even considered or knew about prior to the event.

Congratulations to our Book of Excellence Winners from the last week before half term.



Our Year 11 football team went out in the 3rd round of the English Schools Cup on Monday night at Hazel Grove.  Despite a spirited comeback to draw the game 6-6 after 90 minutes, we ended up losing the tie on penalties.

Well done to the 35 students who attended Werneth’s football academy in partnership with the Manchester United Foundation over half term.  I understand they worked extremely hard to develop their football skills.

Our Year 11s have this morning enjoyed a performance of “A Christmas Carol” from a visiting theatre company, arranged by the English department.  This will help them with their preparation for GCSE English.

Finally, parents have this week received a voting letter and slip for the election of parent governors.  A reminder please to return your voting slip via the school office by next Thursday.

Some key dates for this half term:

Thursday 9th November – GCSE Presentation Evening for ex-Year 11s
Thursday 23rd November – Year 11 Parents’ Consultation Evening
27th November until 15th December – Year 11 GCSE Mock Examinations
Thursday 21st December – break up for Christmas holidays, returning on Monday 8th January


Have a good weekend!  

Andrew Conroy





Posted on Friday 20th October 2017

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, it has been a highly successful few weeks for the Year 11 football team.  The team actually went through the whole event unbeaten.  Well done gentlemen!

This week, the team followed up their success with an excellent 4-1 win over Harrytown with goals from Jake Hall(2), Max Phillips and Oli Burgess.  

Next week sees the first of our Manchester United Holiday Courses.  Y7s and Y8s will have the opportunity to be coached by Manchester United Foundation staff who will be helped by our sports leaders.   The course runs from Tuesday to Thursday from 10-2.  There are still limited places available.  To book a place for your child please email phil.mcgrath@mufoundation.org.

The Year 10 and 11 Food students had the opportunity to pick up valuable catering skills from ex-student Oliver Cookson, who has trained as a pastry chef working under with Michel Roux Jr.

Oliver very kindly came all the way from Lytham St Annes, where he has his own catering business now,  to demonstrate the use of chocolate and caramel in various dishes making truffles, salted caramel and a caramel apple pie. He explained the importance of presentation, commitment, motivation and even the use of Maths, English and Science in the catering kitchen.

All the students enjoyed the demonstration and eating the delicious truffles and thoroughly appreciated the experience.

Finally, the science department rewarded forty pupils across all year groups for excellent work and progress in science over the first half term. All pupils were nominated by their class teachers for reasons ranging from excellent homework to outstanding assessment scores. All the nominated students were treated to a piece of cake and received a praise post card. 

Our Book of Excellence Winners from this week will be published on the next blog.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable half term holiday, and we will see students back in school on Monday 30th October.


Andrew Conroy





Posted on Friday 13th October 2017

It was lovely to welcome our new year 7 parents to school on Tuesday for our Year 7 “Launch for Success” Evening. This provided parents with an excellent opportunity to discuss how their child has settled into secondary school with their form tutor, before our main presentation from Mrs Logan, Assistant Headteacher for Key Stage 3 Progress. This outlined recent changes in education and what this means for our students, the importance of their progress over a 5 year learning journey and how we track and report progress to parents. Workshops in English, Maths and Science also proved extremely popular with parents as our staff shared with them the curriculum and skills that students will be taught and ways to support their child's progress at home.

I wanted to share some really pleasing examples of work around school this week: firstly, Miss Harness’s Year 10 Food Technology group have this week made some amazing Chocolate Victoria Sponge cakes with their own chocolate fudge icing piped on. Also, in Mrs Oakes’ group, Joe Eckersley produced an amazingly realistic information poster on Healthy Eating, which can be viewed here.

A selection of our Year 9 pupils recently attended a micro-teaching event at The University of Manchester. The day involved pupils being taught two poetry lessons delivered by the university’s trainee teachers, and then assisted the trainee teachers develop their skills by evaluating and providing feedback on the range of activities and strategies they experienced.

“It was helpful as the trainee teachers taught us a range of poetic techniques and ways to analyse poetry. This will help us in our GCSEs which we will sit in a few short years.”

“We enjoyed spending time with other schools. It was lovely to see so many schools from our community getting involved in activities like this.”

“At the end of the day we did a review on the teachers and how they did. It was a great feeling to be able to help the trainee teachers complete their course. Overall it was a fantastic day and we all learnt a lot from the experience; we think that it will really help us in the poetry aspect of our GCSE.”

It’s been a great week for the Year 11 football team, who started the week with a fantastic 7-5 victory in the 2nd round of the English Schools Football competition at Cheadle Hulme School. Man of the match Jake Hall scored a superb hat trick.

They then ended the week as Manchester United Foundation Tournament Winners for the second successive year. An ecstatic Mr Brierley commented that they showed a “Superb performance, attitude, team work!!”

Congratulations to Nathan; Daniel; Joe; Jake; James; Oli; Kai; Toby; Lewis; Will.

Finally, a reminder that school breaks up next Thursday 19th October at 3.10pm for half term, returning on Monday 30th October 2017.

Have a good weekend!  


Andrew Conroy



Posted on Friday 6th October 2017


On Thursday 28th September, Werneth’s outstanding Visual arts department took 46 of their year 11 GCSE students on a tour of Chester. This was an amazing opportunity for year 11 photography students to capture interesting photographs of Chester’s architecture.  Students photographed various buildings, both old and new, as well as a tour of Chester Cathedral. These photographs will now be used towards students’ examination work. Students also had an opportunity for a river cruise and to sample Mexican food at lunch.   This was an excellent trip and all students enjoyed it.

Book of Excellence Winners this week – congratulations to all of our winners this week:

Year 7 – Ebony, for excellence in History
Year 8 – Sophie, for excellence in Chemistry
Year 9 – Brad, for excellence in Food Technology
Year 10 – Sam, for excellence in Computer Science and Mathematics
Year 11 – Joel, for excellence in German

Some key reminders:

  • This coming Tuesday we are looking forward to welcoming all year 7 parents into school for our 'Launch for success' evening.  Starting at 4.15pm there will be the opportunity to meet with your child's Form Tutor until 5pm. Mrs Logan, Assistant Headteacher for Key Stage 3 Progress, will give a short presentation on the key information for your child's curriculum.  From 5.30pm the English, Maths and Science departments will deliver sessions to allow parents a deeper understanding of your child's learning in the core subjects. 
  • A reminder that our famous school production will this year be “Fame”.  The cast have been performing a short excerpt in assemblies this week, and tickets are available in school.  The performances will be held at Romiley Forum on Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th October. 
  • Attendance, attendance, attendance!  Some individual improvements here, but also a reminder that we need to maintain a tough stance on attendance.  Every day matters.  Since we returned in September, we have issued 9 Education Penalty Notices (some for unauthorised holidays and some for irregular attendance) and have made 5 referrals to the Education Welfare Service where attendance has been a significant concern.
  • We will be launching our new Adidas Academy to Year 7 after half term – more details to come on this exciting new venture.
  • Finally, a reminder that our new sports facilities are now up-and-running and available for bookings outside of school hours.  We have a refurbished sports hall, and floodlit astro turf pitches for hire, and you can contact our School Business Manager steve.sanderson@wernethschool.com to enquire about bookings.  We are also currently exploring how we can use our Manchester United Foundation programme to support some community football for teenagers in the evening, so look out for further information on this to come next half term.

Have a good weekend!  


Andrew Conroy


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Posted on Friday 22nd September 2017

As we approach the end of September, there have been a variety of educational experiences in and out of school this week.  Mrs Holden and Mr Mujagic were delighted with the GCSE Art trip to Chester on Thursday, where Year 11 Art students enjoyed a day of preparation for their GCSE examination course.  They were great ambassadors for the school throughout the day.

We have introduced a new weekly course in Construction this year for a small number of students in Year 10.  The course takes place every Wednesday for the full day, and is taught by specialist tutors in Stockport.  Mrs Craven has told me this week that the students are all progressing really well, and there has been 100% attendance to date, with everyone on time.  After some initial health and safety training, the group have recently moved onto practical work focused on carpentry joints and wall preparation.  The Student of the Month for the course has been Brad Willis: he has displayed a really positive attitude to learning, enthusiasm, determination and a willingness to extend his learning at home.  Well done Brad!

It has also been a successful week of football results for our boys, with comprehensive wins against Harrytown.  
Y7 won 6-0
Y8 won 11-0
Y10 won 10-2
Mr Brierley reports that there was an excellent attitude and performance from each of our teams.  Well done to all teams!

This week, years 7,8 and 9 assemblies have been focusing on the European Day of Languages, which we've celebrated in school today.  Hopefully the myth that 'everyone in the world speaks English' has been dispelled, as we've heard that in reality, just 5% of the world's population do in fact, speak English!  Today's lessons have been started with greetings in a variety of different languages and students have also been completing a languages-based quiz during form time. Well done to further winners in years 8 and 9, who've also received their prizes for 'best-backed' exercise books in French and Spanish.

The TRACKS Department has a long tradition of raising money for a variety of Charities.  This is vital work on behalf of the community and forms an important part of the students ASDAN qualification. Once again the students have been very active in their support for Cancer by organising “The Big Macmillan Coffee Morning”. As usual with anything that Werneth does the staff, parents and students always manage to support and go above and beyond the call of duty.  The Coffee Morning was no different.  Donations of cakes flooded in and staff turned up to support the group. The students worked tirelessly over a number of weeks to prepare for the event. It was a huge success and the group raised a total of £160.00. 

Our “Book of Excellence” winners for this week were all awarded for excellent homework.  Homework is vital for extending learning, and some of our students are showing excellent attitude towards their independent study:

Dominic in 7S for Science; Josh in 7O for PE; Amelia in 8N for History; Buddhima in 10O for Art and Jake in Year 11 for Maths.

Congratulations to all of those winners, and I hope everyone has a good weekend!




Have a great weekend!

Andrew Conroy


Posted on Friday 22nd September 2017

Three weeks down and the summer holidays are already a distant memory. Our Year 7 students no longer seem like new students to us now – they have settled into school so seamlessly! They are a delightful group of young people, and are already making excellent progress in school.

I was privileged to have lunch today with our five “Book of Excellence” winners for this week. For those parents who are new to the school, teachers nominate students every week who have demonstrated excellence with a particular piece of work. Five students – one from each year group – are selected to be displayed with their work in the “Book of Excellence”, which is located in our central atrium – the HART space in school.

The winners who celebrated today were:
Year 7 – Paige, for excellence in Maths Year 8 – Tommy, for outstanding homework in French Year 9 – Jack, for excellent independent work in Business Studies Year 10 – Rio, for excellent homework in Food Technology Year 11 – Chloe, for excellent extended writing in Science

Building those excellent skills for learning – independent study, homework, extended writing - is obviously crucial for success in the examinations at the end of Year 11. Our current Year 11s have settled very quickly into their vital GCSE preparation work this term, and I have been very impressed with their attitude to learning in the lessons I have visited this term to date. On Thursday evening, we held our post-16 evening in school, and well over 100 families came into school to discuss options for next year with the colleges and training providers who attended. It was a very successful evening, and our Year 11s are now ready to attend the College Open Evenings over the next few months.

Students have been handing in their creatively backed exercise books in MFL this week with great enthusiasm. Here are the prize winners from the Year 9 German and French classes. Next week we will be celebrating European Day of Languages around school with themed assemblies, quizzes. Students and staff will be having a go at different languages at the start of lessons across the curriculum.

Finally, I have had a number of pleas from local residents with regard to the beginning and end of school. It’s always a really busy time near our entrances and the surrounding roads of course. Could I ask parents to be mindful of local residents, particularly around the Higson Avenue and Highfield Avenue area: there have been a number of cars speeding down this road to drop off / pick up our students, and a few near misses in terms of accidents recently. Also, the new front entrance is being used as a turning circle in the morning by some parents to drop off children, and this has created some problems when our students are trying to gain entrance into school. The last thing we want is anyone to have an accident here!

Have a great weekend!

Andrew Conroy




Posted on Friday 15th September 2017

It was wonderful to see so many parents and Year 6 students at Werneth on Thursday evening for our school’s annual Open Evening.  We had 212 families in school, and it was a first opportunity for most to see our new learning environments in action.  We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents about the evening, and in particular the warmth and pride of our students when demonstrating their school to visitors. 

I was particularly pleased that Elliott, our Head Boy, and Brooke, one of our senior student leaders, showed their bright futures as leaders by presenting their thoughts on Werneth in a speech to parents on the evening.  A great opportunity for them, and some lovely words on how Werneth has developed them as young people.

As part of Open Evening, we were treated to the Great Werneth Bake Off from some of our GCSE students.  Using the new fantastic kitchen in A12, Year 10 students took part in the challenge to bake the pastry, biscuit or cake of their choice.  Prospective parents and students were given the opportunity to taste the delights and there were some fantastic samples.  Judging was tough with Miss Harness and Mrs Oakes commenting on hygiene, safety and organisation and I had the pleasure of judging overall presentation and taste.

The Winner was Fi in Year 10 with an amazing sweet, tangy blueberry cake.  Very close runner ups in were Bryony and third place Jess.  Congratulations and well done go to all the contestants as they all worked extremely hard to produce some gorgeous dishes.  It was very difficult to judge as all the cakes were delicious!

Mrs Oakes had only one sentence of advice … “Remember everyone, Keep baking!”
In other news …

  • Thank you to the parents who have enquired about becoming a parent governor.  If you wish to be considered, please email Catherine.humphreys@wernethschool.com and we will get some information to you soon.
  • Our whole school attendance to date stands at 95.1%.  This is a great improvement so far from last year.  We need to maintain that standard.  Please be in school every day, on time.  Attendance is linked directly to achievement.
  • 35 of our Year 10 students are now working with the PE department and our Manchester United Foundation Hub officer Phil McGrath to lead football and other sporting events every lunchtime.  They have been trained as Sports Leaders, and are really helping with the hundreds of Werneth students who access sport every lunchtime on our new Astroturf pitches.
  • Congratulations to our first recipients of the “Book of Excellence” awards this year, for outstanding work.  I will award one place in the Book of Excellence to a student from each year group.  We will tell you more about our winners next week.

Finally, I want to send parents an overview of the school’s 7 key priorities for the 2017/18 academic year, so that you know the next steps for our school in moving forward.  Please follow this link to see those priorities.  We hope you will support in us in ensuring these remain at the front of our minds as we move through the school year.  They will remain on our website through the year.
Have a good weekend!

Have a great weekend!

Andrew Conroy




Posted on Friday 8th September 2017

Welcome back!

It’s been fantastic to welcome everyone back to school this week to our new school site.  It’s been a very productive start for us at school, and our Year 7s have made a particularly pleasing impression on us.   They should be really proud of their first week at school.  I know from talking to them that they’ve really enjoyed getting to know their new teachers, friends and subjects.

Year 7 leaders Mrs Massey & Ms Cherrington have been extremely pleased with how well our new Year 7 students have settled into Werneth life so quickly. They look very smart and ready to learn and have impressed the staff with their fantastic manners and big smiles. The new intake have been telling us how much they have been enjoying their lessons and how they are managing to get to grips with finding their way around school successfully. Well done Year 7!

Year 7s have made a good start in French this week. Their first homework is to back their exercise books, with a French theme if possible. Prizes will be awarded to the best-backed books in each class and many creative ideas are already being planned! Year 8s are also completing French-styled templates for their exercise books, designed in conjunction with the Art department last year. We look forward to seeing a variety of decorations from our students, who are taking great pride in their work already - well done! 

In Life Learning this week, our new Year 7 pupils have been taking part in Werneth Cares.  One of the most settling influences when young people start secondary school is making friends.  As a result, in Life Learning, pupils and staff have been taking part in activities to get to know each other. Below you will see 8 students proudly showing off their "This is Me" name card telling their classmates information they want people to know about them. For example, hobbies, pets, favourite foods, what team they support. 

Mr Sims was really pleased with the GCSE History educational visit this week for Year 11.  On Wednesday, 54 Year 11 GCSE History students and 4 staff members visited Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire. The purpose of this was to learn about the historic environment during the reign of Elizabeth I and to see Hardwick itself. Hardwick Hall will feature on our Year 11 GCSE exam so it was a great opportunity for students to prepare themselves for their exam well in advance. During the day, students were taken on tours of the gardens and the hall and were able to see how an Elizabeth stately home functioned. Despite the freezing cold and drizzly rain, our students asked lots of questions and engaged well with our tour guides. It was even remarked by a member of the public how polite our Werneth students were. A real accolade to round of a full on, yet informative day.

Just a few reminders please for parents –

  • Attendance matters!  Please ensure that your child is in school first and foremost, and on time to school.  Even 95% attendance isn’t enough to maximise achievement.   A reminder as well that it is not possible for me to sanction holidays during term time: every day counts.
  • Can I ask parents to please avoid parking/dropping off within the school grounds or near the school entrance at the beginning and end of school: it can be a very dangerous place when 1000 students are trying to exit school en masse and we don’t want any accidents.
  • Stockport Council have informed me that the school crossing patrol located on Harrytown and the junction of Bredbury Green will not be on her crossing for a period of 4 - 6 weeks.
  • We have a vacancy in school for a Parent Governor to join our School Governing Board.  If you are potentially interested in this role, please contact school and speak to my PA Mrs Humphreys for more information.

Finally, some sad news this week.  Many of you will have known Kizzy Lawton, a member of staff who worked within our inclusion team as the leader of our HART facility in school.  Unfortunately Kizzy passed away during the school holidays unexpectedly, and we were obviously very sad as a school community about this.  Kizzy worked with some of our most vulnerable young people, and always showed pride and professionalism in her work.  She will be sadly missed, and we aim to commemorate her in school.

A reminder it’s Open Evening in school next Thursday for our prospective new Year 7 parents in September 2018.  5-8pm here at Werneth.

Have a great weekend!

Andrew Conroy