Attendance Letter

Attendance and Punctuality

Good attendance is crucial to a child's success. We ask parents to take an active interest in attendance and encourage their child to aim for a 100% attendance record. To this end, we expect parents and students to attend routine dental and medical appointments out of school hours  and to take all family holidays in school holiday time. Attendance information is also made available to potential further education institutions and employers.
Contacting school by phone to report absence
For student absence please ring before 8.40am using the main switchboard and press 1 for student absence. If absence is not notified before this time you may be called by one of our attendance team.

Tel: 0161 494 1222 (main switchboard)
Student Absence - 0161 494 1222  ext 115


8.45am - All students should be at their tutor room when the 8.45am bell rings to receive their morning mark. 

8.45am - Tutors take the register. Students arriving after this time must come to the student services entrance where they will sign in on the late board. A reason for absence will be taken. Students must go to form and will receive an ‘L’ late mark in the register.

9.05am onwards - Students arriving after this time must sign in electronically at the main reception and make their way straight to lesson.

Lessons - Registers are taken at the start of each lesson; students arriving late are marked late by class teachers.


Any student who arrives late to school twice in a week will be issued with a pastoral detention. Students who arrive after 10am will receive a ‘U’ late mark which counts as an unauthorised absence.

The attendance team will contact you to discuss unauthorised absences and these are considered by the Education Welfare Officer who may recommend that legal action is taken to improve attendance and punctuality. This could result in a £60 Education Penalty Notice or a prosecution in the Magistrates’ Court.

Information to parents

Parents/carers will receive a text message daily where a student has not registered and no reason has been given for the absence. This will be followed up with a telephone call from the attendance team. This forms part of school’s safeguarding procedures.

Attendance information is also reported to parents/carers through regular letters and school reports. Where there are concerns, home visits will be made to offer support.

Medical evidence to support absence

Where attendance concerns have been shared with parents/carers, medical evidence in the form of an appointment card or copy of a prescription will be required to authorise absences.