7 February 2020

A reminder that students break up for half term next THURSDAY at 3.10pm. Staff will be completing a training day on Friday. Students will return on Monday 24th February 2020 for the 6 week half term up to Easter. We hope that our Year 11s are continuing to work hard on that lead up to their exams, which are now only weeks away.

Mrs Oakes organised a visit to the “Catering and Food Technology” department at Tameside College this week to visit the brand new Catering department in the heart of Ashton. Year 9, 10 and 11 students enjoyed a beautifully presented four course tasting menu, cooked and served by the college’s current Level 2 and 3 Catering students including some of our ex students from Werneth. They admired the level of creativity and technical skill on show at Tameside, which will inspire them in their own designing and making of dishes back at school. The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all, with clean plates all round. The students were a credit to themselves and to Werneth School.

Mrs Carr, one of our HLTAs at Werneth, reports that “on Monday 3rd February to Wednesday 5th February a group of eight year 8 students embarked on a mission into Manchester to the GoDigital hub. The 3 day event saw the students learn how to work as part of a team with other students from across the North West. This in itself was a daunting task for even the bravest of adults let alone a year 8 student. The workshop was a co-hosted project run by GoDigital and “Innovate-her” which are industry led projects aimed at girls aged 11-14. The project aims to plug the digital gap in Technological careers and reverse the gender inequality in this industry. Students interviewed stated they believed the event was valuable in promoting their self-esteem, building confidence and inspiring them to aim higher and consider a career path in technological industry. All the students were beaming with pride at the end of the event as was I, and this was well deserved by all attending.

Finally, as promised, here are the confirmed term dates for the 2020/21 academic year for your diary.

AUTUMN HALF TERM 1 - Tuesday 1st September 2020 Year 7 and Year 11 students return to school | Wednesday 2nd September 2020 All students return to school | Thursday 22nd October 2020 Students break up for half term

AUTUMN HALF TERM 2 - Monday 2nd November 2020 Students return after half term | Friday 4th December 2020 Students not in school on this day | Tuesday 22nd December 2020 Students break up for Christmas

SPRING HALF TERM 1 - Monday 11th January 2021 Students return after Christmas | Friday 12th February 2021 Students break up for half term

SPRING HALF TERM 2 - Monday 22nd February 2021 Students return after half term | Friday 26th March 2021 Students break up for Easter

SUMMER HALF TERM 1 - Monday 12th April 2021 Students return after Easter | Friday 28th May 2021 Students break up for half term

SUMMER HALF TERM 2 - Monday 7th June 2021 Students return after half term | Monday 28th June 2021 Students not in school on this day | Wednesday 21st July 2021 School breaks up for summer

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