19 March 2020

We are living in unprecedented times, and I sympathise entirely with the many problems that families are facing as a result of the current situation.


We will continue to support in every way that we can, but we are also currently reacting to advice and guidance from the government.  I am meeting with the other Stockport secondary headteachers this afternoon to enable us to support a consistent message across all local schools.


We did not know that schools would close until the government announcement yesterday afternoon and we now await the details of what happens next.  

This includes of course the plans for Year 11 and their GCSEs - I have spoken to them as a priority this morning.


My key messages to you as our families at this stage:

  • Expect much more clarification from me tomorrow when I have received it, including clear guidance on those children who can still attend next week and information on free school meals vouchers
  • School continues as normal tomorrow for those who remain well enough to attend
  • Year 11 will have a small send-off tomorrow and can bring shirts to sign.  They will leave at 1.30pm.  We have promised them we will arrange a more formal leaving event when that is possible.Our new website should go live tomorrow - there may be a short downtime but it will be back asap.  Expect regular communication from me throughout this national situation via website, emails and social media.  Work will be set for all students via Show My Homework and other means.


Finally, I am aware of a video that has circulated on Facebook of 2 Year 7 boys and a supply teacher.  My comment is simple: we are managing on significantly reduced staffing and therefore relying on some supply teachers.  We would rather do that than close.  The two boys in question will no longer be Werneth students when we return.


Thanks for your continued support and we wish you well in the weeks to come.  Look out for the update tomorrow.

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