12 May 2020

Announcement by Boris Johnson, 10 May 2020

Schools Announcement: Stockport Local Area Response

We know that as parent/carers you will have listened to the announcement by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson on the 10 May 2020. The announcement has answered some, but also raised many questions and some concerns for parents/carers and for our school colleagues.

We would like to reassure you that the safety of our children/young people and staff is our primary and main concern. The announcement stated that there is an expectation from central government that early years settings, reception and year one children will be in school following the May holidays, and also that those within secondary who have exams next year (current Year 10) will have some face to face contact.

As a local area we are clear that we need to take stock of this announcement. We need to make sure that any way forward is safe for everyone within our schools. At this point it is clear that any return to school for children will not look the same as before covid. The pandemic has changed things for us all both in the short and longer term. There will need to be consideration of how we best support children through this period, and this focus will not be academic.

The covid-19 period has brought with it stress, uncertainty and anxiety for us all, including our children. We need to make sure any transition back to school is both safe for children’s physical and emotional well-being.

We will be working in partnership with Early years settings, School Leaders, from both primary and secondary, Colleges and our Parent/Carer groups throughout this period, to formulate a measured response to the announcement.

We will publish further information towards the end of the week, but we hope that we can reassure you we will be working together to ensure the well-being of Stockport residents.

Safety and well-being is and always will be paramount in our decision making for our wider Stockport community.

Chris Mcloughlin- Director of Childrens Services

Paul McDowell- Chair Primary Consortia

Julie Kersch- Chair of Primary Consortia

Keith Turmeau – Chair of Secondary Consortia

Rob Metcalfe- Chair of Special Schools Consortia

Danny Pearson- Principle Aquinas College

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