19 June 2020

Parental Update - 19/6/20


This update contains information on Year 10 return;  Free School Meals;  Year 11;  Years 7 to 9;  Return in September;  Year 7 transition;  Catch up programmes.


It continues to be a very busy time of trying to keep up with all of the announcements around schools that seem to arrive every day.  As headteachers, we remain frustrated that the government announce key developments without informing us in advance, or consulting with us.  I promise you that we continue to adapt every week to the latest guidance, and will continue to keep you informed.  I meet every week online with the other Stockport headteachers and am in daily contact - we are trying to work our way through the information to get our students back as soon as we can into a safe environment.  Meanwhile, thank you for the many positive comments that we have received about our communication, and the work that is being provided.  It brightens our day!


Here is a digest of the latest situation:

Year 10 return next week on their designated day.  Year 10 parents and carers should all have received a letter about this, and will today receive a "young people friendly" version of the key points, to go through with your child.  Any questions about the Year 10 programme please to year10programme@wernethschool.com

> Confirmation that the free school meals voucher programme will now continue through to September at least.  You don't need to do anything: your vouchers will continue to arrive.

Year 11: we have now completed our part in the process of providing information to the examination boards, and they will now use this to calculate final GCSE grades.  We have no further say in this.  Year 11 are officially "off roll" at Werneth from 30th June but we will continue to communicate any key information to you.  I have to be honest now - having discussed this with the other headteachers in Stockport yesterday - that a possible prom looks very unlikely now.  It is much more difficult for us to organise when you don't "belong" to us, because we have no legal responsibility.  We know it's a terrible shame and we are very disappointed, but it's unfortunately unlikely to happen.  We are awaiting further information on arrangements for GCSE results, and we hope to organise something for you in terms of a nice way of collecting your certificates in the Autumn.  Finally, we are as yet unsure if free school meals vouchers will be provided to Year 11 students beyond 30th June.  Hopefully some clarification to come on that.

Years 7 to 9.  It seems highly unlikely that you will return until September.  We know many of you are working extremely hard from home, and we are moving our focus to contacting students in Years 7 to 9 who appear to be struggling with the work at home.  You may receive contact from your form tutor or a senior member of staff ... also to praise some of you!

Return in September.  We are asking for greater clarity from the government.  They talk regularly about schools returning in September, but they have yet to provide guidance for us.  Will this be for all students?  All students at the same time?  How will we manage transition for our new Year 7 students?  Will our staff have time to meet together and receive key information before students respond?  And so on.  We are discussing this across the Stockport schools but we cannot put arrangements in place until we know the answers to our questions.  As soon as we know, we will let you know.  I expect that there will at least be a staggered start to school in September.  I know that will frustrate some of you, but we need to manage it in a safe way that allows a successful start to term.

> Year 7 transition.  We know how frustrating this will be for you.  Whatever happens in September, we will be making special arrangements for you and your parents in that first fortnight back in school, from day 1.  We hope to have some exciting resources to you too over the next few weeks, to help with the first steps.

> Catch-up programmes.  The government have today announced some information about funding for catch-up programmes for the Autumn.  We don't have any details on this yet, but this should hopefully help with the reintegration of our students.


Stay positive and stay safe!

We are looking forward to seeing Year 10 again from Monday.

Have a good weekend.

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