26 June 2020

This update includes information on Year 10 Programme; Key Worker/ Vulnerable programme; End of Term / Return in September; Free School Meals Arrangements; Transition from primary; Year 11 Results Day and lockers; Emotional Health and Wellbeing; Online videos and workpacks

Good afternoon.
Many updates today:

Year 10 Programme:  It has been great to welcome our Year 10 students back into school this week.  Over the four days, we had 174 of them back in school.  And what a credit they were to themselves.  Apart from a few moans about the heat on Thursday, the vast majority were in the mood to work hard and - although they won't admit it - pleased to see their teachers and get some key information.  A reminder to parents that the Year 10 programme runs alongside the work from home and does not replace it.  We are currently awaiting guidance from the government as to the impact on this COVID break for Year 10 as they move into Year 11 but we have tried to stress this week that Year 10 must ensure they are keeping up to speed with their work at home.  Year 11 goes very quickly!

Year 10 Programme for next week is as follows
MONDAY group: Maths and Option B
TUESDAY group: Maths and Option A
WEDNESDAY group: English and Option B
THURSDAY group: English and Option A

Our Key Worker / Vulnerable group is now reaching its limit with 28 students, and has run alongside this every day, as it has done throughout the COVID situation.  These children are taught on a different floor with no shared free time with Year 10.

A note for parents: our school risk assessment is set at 2 metres for social distancing on school premises.  We will continue to operate this until the end of the summer term - for the next 3 weeks.

End of Term Arrangements, and Start in September: We now have only 3 weeks until school breaks up for students on Thursday 16th July.  We are currently awaiting a further guidance document from the Department for Education with regard to arrangements for September.  As soon as I have that, I can update you with the details for September.  I will be writing to all parents in that final week commencing 13th July with more details.  In the meantime, we are working on a video assembly that week for our students in every year group, during which we will update you with some key information about next year.  We are making some key changes with regard to some of our year leaders as we respond to internal changes within school.  And those leaders will introduce themselves during our final week.  At the moment, we are planning on the basis that all year groups will be returning in September, but there are some key questions to resolve yet with that and we await further advice.

Free School Meals arrangements: Confirmation that our free school meal system will continue until the end of the summer holidays, including Year 11 students.  We will be issuing the next set of vouchers for £30 for each pupil on the 6th July. This will cover the last 2 weeks of the school term. We will also be issuing vouchers for £90 on the 20th July. This will cover the period up to the 31st August.  Our hamper deliveries will have one more delivery slot on 8th July, and these are arranged through your daily call with your Year Inclusion Manager.

Transition from primary:  We have sent out a pack of videos and Q&A documents for our Year 6 students who start with us in September.  We are currently working on arrangements for Year 7's first few weeks with us and we will be inviting new Year 7 parents into school as well during that first fortnight back.  Year 7 form tutors are now confirmed, and they will be making contact before the end of term.

Year 11 Results Day and Lockers:  We are aware that some areas of the country and some individual schools will be posting GCSE results out to their Year 11s instead of inviting them in to pick up exam results.  We think our Year 11s have had a rough deal as it is, and we want to see them when they pick up their results -  to congratulate and support as necessary.  So this is confirmation that we are intending to be open on GCSE Results Day on Thursday 20th August for our Year 11s to collect their results.  However, it will be slightly different to previous years as we will need to operate a socially distanced system with appointments.  More information to come on that.  Year 11s - we are currently also working on a system for you to hand in your locker keys, receive your deposit and collect any belongings from your lockers.  

Emotional Health and Wellbeing:  You don't need me to tell you that the whole COVID crisis as had an impact on all of our wellbeing in so many ways.  It's something we are considering for when we return in September.  However, we hope that the attached information and resource sheet on Emotional Health and Wellbeing may support you and your family with any issues that you may be having. Please click here to read info sheet.

Online Learning - reminders
> TEACHER VIDEOS: Reminder to access the videos for every subject and every year group via the website or this link:  https://vstream.wernethschool.com/default.aspx
To log on to eStream students need to enter their school username 21joe.bloggs (without the @wernethschool.com

) and their usual network password. > There are associated activities linked to the videos on Show My Homework. >

> TASSOMAI: Available for students to quiz themselves in English (Years 7 & 8 only), Maths (Years 7 & 8 only) & Science (all years). Forming part of the home learning tasks on SMHW, students should aim to achieve their ‘daily goals’ to see progress in their understanding.  www.tassomai.com.  Usernames should be their school email address and password resets are available by emailing the class teacher or mark.brighton@wernethschool.com

> EDUCAKE:   Quizzes are set each week for students in Year 9 and 10 on Educake. These quizzes are part of their weekly English tasks and are linked to the video lessons and work set on Show My Homework. Since lockdown began, students have answered almost 100,000 questions!  www.educake.co.uk  Usernames and passwords are available by emailing emma.warren@wernethschool.com 

Reminder of email ineedhelp@wernethschool.com for general enquiries, or for workpack requests.

Have a great weekend!

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