3 July 2020

PARENTAL UPDATE - 3rd July 2020
Year 10 programme; Government announcements re. September; End of term inc school buses; Year 7 transition; Dance competition
1. Year 10 programme
> Well done to our Year 10 students for another very positive week in school: we had over 160 Year 10 students in school this week.
> Next week's programme is as follows:
MONDAY group - Science, Option A with a 12.30 finish
TUESDAY group - Science, Option B with a 12.30 finish
WEDNESDAY group - Option A, Option C ( double session ) with a 1.45pm finish
THURSDAY group - Option B, Option C ( double session ) with a 1.45pm finish
Monday and Tuesday groups will have their later finish the following week
2. Government announcements re. September
It's been a hectic 24 hours looking through the government guidance for schools from September, and the guidance that GCSEs will run next year.  I did that with the other headteachers in Stockport secondary schools yesterday, and we agreed some principles together to start working on.  It's also been interesting to read the "spin" from the press on this.  We are currently working on applying this guidance to September, and I will be writing to all parents the week after next, with a clear summary of the implications for Werneth School.
I can confirm a few immediate headlines though:
> School will return in September for all students in Years 7 to 11.
> There will be some adaptations and restrictions that we will need to tell you about, but broadly students will be following a full timetable in each year group.
> Students will return in full school uniform.
> Next year's Year 11 will be sitting a full set of GCSE examinations next summer.  It is crucial that our current Year 10s understand the importance of the work that is being set at home therefore.
> The Stockport Secondary Headteachers are concerned that the reintegration back into school in that first week is carried out in a measured way that allows our students to adapt to the new circumstances within school.  We are currently discussing this with Stockport Education Authority.  We anticipate therefore that the first week will be carried out in a staggered and sensible way, prioritising the new Year 7 students and then the new Year 11 students followed by students in Years 8 to 10.  We know how desperate parents will be to get children back into school, but there will be a lot of information to come the way of students, and we need to ensure that is carried out sensibly and safely.  More details to come on how that first week will operate.
3. End of term arrangements
> We have been notified by Transport For Greater Manchester that from Monday 6th July they will only be operating the Y99 service from Brinnington. They have been monitoring the amount of students using both buses and - based on the passenger numbers - the one service will be enough to provide transport for all our pupils who have been travelling. The service will run at the same time and follow the normal route. > A reminder that our Year 10 programme and our Vulnerable / Key Worker programme both finish on Thursday 17th July and this is the end of the school year. > A reminder that Free School Meal Vouchers through our government Edenred scheme will continue to be issued up to the end of August. We also have hampers being distributed to those who need them next Wednesday. > I will be writing a letter to parents in the final week of term outlining arrangements for September. We will also be sending a video for each year group from senior staff and your year leaders with some key messages. > Attached is a letter from Stockport Education Authority, which explains the context for schools in Stockport with regard to home learning. Thank you to parents and students for your continued hard work in keeping up with the home learning programmes.
4. Transition of our Year 7 students
> I have held a meeting this morning with Mrs Tonge, Head of Year 7, and some senior staff to commence our final preparations for Year 7s introduction in September.  We are very much looking forward to meeting you all, and we understand the anxieties that you and your parents will be feeling at this time.
> Mrs Tonge told me about the situation yesterday where our Edulink system sent some emails with form tutor details on to some students.  I am sorry if this caused you any upset: Mrs Tonge will be sending everyone the full details of your form tutors on Monday, and you will all hear from your form tutors next week.
> We are currently finalising our plans for Year 7s introduction in school and I will be writing to Year 7 parents as well over the next fortnight with arrangements for September.  We are planning that Year 7s will have the school to themselves for the first student day in September, and I am currently seeking clarification with regard to Year 7 parents being allowed into the school building.  Year 7 will follow a full induction package during the first fortnight as they get used to school.
5. Dance competition
Miss Hibbert has been very proud of her dancers this week. She asked me to include a massive well done to all of our students who took part in the UK National Schools Online Dance Championships hosted by the UDOIT Dance Foundation. It was great to hear that many of you took part and entered. We want to congratulate both Morgan Martin and Lola Pedroza for being invited to take part in the semi-finals. On Friday the results were announced and we all want to congratulate Lola Pedroza in placing in the top 7 finalists in the junior beginners category. UDOIT have said that ‘the standard of entries was so high and they loved seeing everyones entries’. UDOIT are still offering free online street dance class for students of all ages to take part in. Simply visit http://www.udoitdance.com/

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