10 July 2020

Arrangements for the end of term; Advanced notice for the first week in September; Online blackmail


Dear Parents and Carers,


We have only one week of the summer term remaining, and then we return to everyone in school from September.  We will be pleased to return to a full school back in operation, though you will appreciate there are some significant temporary changes that we need to make to accommodate the curriculum safely.


Arrangements for next week:

> Year 10 Monday group in school until 1.45pm - Option B and double session on Option C.  Bring refreshments please.

> Year 10 Tuesday group in school until 1.45pm - Option A and double session on Option C.  Bring refreshments please.

> Year 10 Wednesday group in school until 12.30pm - Science and Option B

> Year 10 Thursday group in school until 12.30pm - Science and Option A

> The Vulnerable / Key Worker group will be in school from Monday to Thursday, and break up for the summer at 3.10pm on Thursday.


> I will be sending out a very detailed letter to all parents/carers in Years 7 to 10 next week detailing the full arrangements for September.  We have almost completed our revised school arrangements for September, in line with government guidelines.  A reminder again that all students in all years will be returning in full uniform, but my letter will explain it in great detail.

> Students in Years 7 to 10 will also receive assembly videos next week.

> Year 11 will receive information about exam results day next week

> Year 8 students will receive confirmation about their guided choices into Year 9 next week


Arrangements for the start of term in September

> Stockport Secondary Headteachers met yesterday, and we are very concerned that we manage the start of the year correctly for our students.  We need some time specifically with staff, and some additional time with Year 7 and Year 11.  In line with all other schools, we have amended the first week in September as follows.  This is to ensure we can manage the new arrangements productively and safely for everyone, and ensure we cover the many additional needs that will inevitably be raised.


TUESDAY 1st SEPTEMBER - STAFF training day

WEDNESDAY 2nd SEPTEMBER - Year 7 ONLY.  Year 7s have not yet had the opportunity to even visit our building.

THURSDAY 3rd SEPTEMBER - Year 7 and Year 11 ONLY.

FRIDAY 4th SEPTEMBER - All year groups.

We know that this may cause inconvenience for some parents and carers, but we need time to readjust to the requirements of the new regulations and bring back students safely.  From Monday 7th September, a full curriculum will operate for all year groups.

Much more detail next week.


Online blackmailing

Mrs Dee, our Designated Safeguarding Lead in school, has asked me to forward a new articles to help parents, carers and young people learn more about how blackmail can manifest online:  



Enjoy the weekend!

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