4 September 2020

Welcome back!

It’s been really great to welcome all of our students back into school today, looking very smart and generally ready to get back to work.  Students have co-operated well with the new rules around face masks.  There’s a sense of relief from us all and it was lovely to see the school back in full swing and busy for the first time since March.

Our new Year 7s have settled in really quickly and well, and I am reliably informed by them that their new school is “proper mint”. 

I know parents will be equally pleased to return to some sense of normality.  Hopefully, next week it will be business as normal.

A few quick points:

  • Stockport has now come out of its “lockdown restrictions” period.  That means face masks are now at the discretion of headteachers.  At this stage, we will continue to wear face masks at Werneth and – in discussion with other local headteachers – we will review this weekly.  I will let you know when that changes.
  • We’ve had a few questions about bubbles and face masks.  In a nutshell for parents, students go into their year bubbles in the morning and at social times.  In lessons they don’t wear masks.  Whilst moving around the building, everyone wears masks.
  • We know that we have had some teething problems with paying for catering via machines in school …. holding lunch in bubbles is a challenge in many ways, and creating some initial problems.  We will get there and we apologise for the inconvenience of this.
  • A reminder that parents must have a booked appointment and face mask to enter school during this period.
  • Our school gates will be closed during school times from next week.

Finally, our new Senior Student leadership team returned early to school this week to begin discussing their ideas for the upcoming academic year in supporting both students and staff on the return to school. We want to congratulate them once again on their successful appointments and we are looking forward to seeing their fantastic ideas come to life over the coming months. For more information about student leadership please follow the link on the school website to the Werneth Leadership Academy.

Enjoy the weekend: normal school for all next week.


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