11 September 2020

I must confess I didn’t sleep well last Sunday night.  The prospect of a full week in school with 1250 students and staff in our building all week brings a great deal of responsibility throughout every day.  It’s a responsibility that school colleagues around the country are taking up without fuss, and from our own perspective at Werneth it’s been a good week.   Obviously all of this is uncharted territory for us, but our young people are generally coping with the situation magnificently and they seem very focused on getting back on track with their learning.  


A few specific updates for Werneth parents, and some guidance information for parents from Stockport Council below:


  • The risk assessment we have in place is extensive and reviewed daily by me, and formally by school leaders every week.  It’s a working, evolving, adapting central document.  I understand entirely parents’ worries with children in school, but schools are - as the prime minister said on Wednesday - COVID safe environments.  We do everything we can to minimise the risk.  I am trying to answer the many emails from parents with a variety of questions, but I can assure you that nothing is more important to us than everyone’s safety.  We are all taking that very seriously in every school across Stockport.
  • Social times in bubbles is working well, and the use of different staircases for each year group is helping improve movement around the building.
  • The lunch time queues have improved rapidly this week as we have sorted out a few technical glitches last week … having lunchtime service in 5 different locations around school is a challenge.  But it’s now working well and we are sourcing some technology to improve it further.
  • Masks will remain until further notice.  Please ensure your child arrives with a plain mask.  The vast majority of students are complying well when in school and using masks appropriately.  It would be helpful if parents could remind students that masks should also be worn to and from school - we think many of our students are not wearing masks when walking together across year bubbles to school.  It’s a challenge I know so a push from parents too would be great.
  • Like any large organisation, a small number of people are isolating.  That’s going to be the reality in the near future, and we hope parents will liaise directly with us via Year Inclusion Managers or our Medical Needs Office Mrs Rothwell.   Schools have clear procedures in place for managing this with the NHS, so please follow staff advice in terms of isolation and testing as explained in the link documents below.  We liaise closely with the NHS as we need to do so.
  • You will have seen that some schools nationally have had to send home year groups.  We will of course liaise quickly with you if that were required.  We would only do this in co-ordination with the advice of NHS staff.
  • The school buses are working well generally.  We have liaised with TfGM about some issues with buses and the use of masks on them, but these are being resolved.  To clarify, despite what a bus driver may say, children should be wearing masks on the buses.  There has also been a timetable change for buses, and this is detailed below.
  • There has been a delay with our new school gates but I expect they will be operational very soon.


This information was sent to parents yesterday, but it’s here again for your information.  I have been asked if I am sending this because there is a problem.  No, there is no problem!  I am sending it to try and help parents: we know how confusing all of the advice can be…. 

Follow this link for a Greater Manchester Advice guide for Coronavirus.

Follow this link for a Stockport MBC information guide on the latest advice in Stockport.



  1. Timetable Change

Please note that the 8.24am bus will now leave Brinnington at 8.15am this is to ensure that it arrives at school on time for morning registration. Follow this link to the revised timetable.


  1. Fares and Passes

We have been informed that a weekly ticket will now cost £7.60. The only pass your child needs is either an IGO or a free bus pass. If they have any issues with this please speak to the member of Werneth staff on board. 


The new Yellow bus service is working well but has yet to reach capacity. We ask that you encourage your child to use the bus  or we will be in danger of losing this vital service.


In other news …


Congratulations to Kian Daley in Year 7 who has registered as an Academy Player at Manchester United Football Club for the 2020/21 season.  I was pleased to discuss the matter with him this morning, and I am sure he will be one to watch for the future.


Finally, I have really enjoyed teaching our new Year 7 students this week - senior leaders are teaching a programme of daily sessions on key values for students to develop in secondary schools: “Independence”; “Achievement”; “Pride”; “Respect” and “Literacy”.  Students have been keen to learn, and also to tell me about their favourite lessons so far.  Geography and PE have been the forerunners.  Our Year 7s are noticeably happier now their nerves have settled, and they are keen to enjoy their new school.  


It’s been a promising week: I feel ready for a rest and to start all over again next week!

Enjoy your weekend.


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