6 November 2020

Headteacher Update: 6th November 2020


This week: lockdown returns; attendance at school; updated risk assessment; masks, masks, masks; learning update - music, computing and science; GCSEs for Year 11s; Year 7s; GCSE Presentation Evening for our ex-students; a look at the calendar for this half term; 

So here we are in lockdown again, whilst schools continue to offer a full curriculum to young people.  Thank you to those who took the time to thank teachers for the outstanding work last term … everyone who is a part of the Werneth team ensured that education remained central for our students last half term.  We aim to do the same again this term!   I’d like to thank every member of our school community for working together over this difficult period, including parents, carers and our fantastic young people.

It’s more important than ever that our young people are in school, and I was pleased this week to discover that our students are attending at a level above the national average at the moment.  That’s really great news, and it means parents are supporting us to push home that key message!  Thank you.

You received an update from me yesterday, which detailed the additional measures that we have put in place during the lockdown period ( available on the website under “Recent News” if you haven’t seen it ).  

Meanwhile, school remained alert during the half term: we knew that there was an anticipated rise in positive cases across Stockport during the first half of the half term week, and it did arrive.  It meant that we have had a significant number of students returning from a period of isolation this week.  Thankfully though, this week has been very calm, with only a handful of isolations due to family circumstances.  So we have a full school back.  Let’s hope that continues, but we can’t ever be complacent.  Thank you for your positive feedback on the remote learning package - I am really pleased to hear that many students are engaging with this so well when they need to isolate.




We are giving out fewer masks now but still far too many



Well done to Liam in Year 9 this week.  He  received his award for winning the Stockport Music Service Songwriting competition which was held back in May.  This was open to students across the borough up to the age of 16 so it was even more of an accomplishment for Liam who composed his entry aged just 14.  A fantastic achievement and such a bright future as a musician. Well done Liam!


Next week, students in Year 7, 8 and 9 will be taking part in BEBRAS week in their ICT lessons.  This concerns promoting Computational Thinking, and you may remember we reached the North West Finals last year.  Pupils have been practising in lessons and practice material is on google classroom.  A message went home via edulink about a fun app they can use on their phones to practise also:  http://www.bebras.uk/students.html explains the programme.


I have also been very pleased this week to look through some of the outstanding work produced by our students in the Science department’s Scientist of the Week roll of honour.  Science is a rapidly improving subject at our school, with some excellent results in the higher grades for those students who work hard.  So this excellence will I am sure pay off with excellent GCSE results in the longer term:

Well done to this week’s “Scientist of the Week” students:

Gabriella Adams

An amazing start to year seven and excellent classwork!

Jamie Raeburn

Consistently working hard, independently and with pride. Excellent start to Physics!

Ethan Cox

Consistently working hard to improve his scientific knowledge. Excellent start!

Cody Holden

Excellent work ethics and attitudes towards learning science


A reminder that - as it stands - GCSEs are still scheduled to go ahead in the summer.  Every lesson counts for our Year 11s.  Most remain on track, and most work well with us.  After school revision sessions are key, as are the many opportunities to learn from home available.  And we have the first round of mock examinations due this half term.



I have been reflecting on our Year 7s this week as well.  At a headteacher meeting this week, a colleague raised the fact that transition from primary has created so many problems for Year 7 students.  I was delighted to be able to chip in and tell them that our Year 7s have made an excellent start to secondary school.  We are very proud of them!

I was also very pleased to hear from Mr Stafford - our Site Manager - that he had been approached by four of our Year 7 boys - Ethan Lu-Hilson; Ellis Royston; Kian Daley; Alex Hern - volunteering to help him every lunchtime in litter picking the Year 7 area.  A further example of the excellent community spirit from our students.  Mr Stafford thanked them and presented them each with a reward and certificate on Friday.


Unfortunately, as you already know, we can’t host any key events in school for parents still.  That’s very frustrating and we are currently looking at how we can usefully hold some parents meetings.  It also means that our Presentation Evening scheduled for our ex-Year 11s has to be cancelled as well.  Again, that’s such a shame.  I will be writing to them soon and organising for the delivery of their GCSE certificates.

That’s it for this week.  Enjoy your weekend!

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