13 November 2020

  A message from Miss Hibbert - Lead teacher of Student Leadership

Welcome back to our new academic year. We are very excited to introduce our new Senior student leadership team to you. The team has already been working really hard on implementing some of their fantastic ideas and they are looking forward to continuing to work within our school community. We want to congratulate them all on their appointments and look forward to a fantastic year ahead.


Our Senior Student Leadership Team


Head Boy - Charlie Vajestica

My key messages to everyone as Head Boy are; There are multiple ways to solve a problem if you think outside the box. Teamwork is crucial when trying to overcome challenges. Small things can make a big difference


Head Girl - Katie Hill

I have really enjoyed being head girl so far. The senior student team has had the opportunity to meet on multiple occasions and discuss some events that will be coming up this year such as virtual open evenings and mental health awareness week. I have also had the chance to design and deliver an assembly to my peers on the importance of year 11 and how to succeed this year. As a school we are trying to continue moving forward despite the pandemic and find a new COVID safe way of life. I’ve certainly been kept very busy but I wouldn't wish for anything otherwise.


Deputy Head Boy - Mason Littlewood

 I think you will all agree that the start of this year is anything but normal, but I have tried to fulfill my tasks to the best of my ability within the current climate. Me and Abi complete our duty every blue Monday. This term so far hasn’t presented any concerns, although I am looking forward to overcoming a challenge with the team. So far this year I have produced a powerpoint presentation for a Year 10 assembly focusing mainly on the importance of revision and focusing on their work and progression in what is left of their time at school. My role as Deputy Head Boy has been surprisingly quiet so far; with no issues whatsoever.  I look forward to coming up with ideas and putting them in motion, in a bid to make school life as easy as possible and using my role to put things into place that I think we need/want from a student point of view.


Deputy Head Girl - Amelia Wilkinson

Coming back this term hasn’t been easy, and I’m sure that’s the same for the rest of us, such a big change from the normal


Lead of Teaching and Learning - Leah Nagler

In my first term on the senior student team, it has been interesting and very positive. Since the start of the school term, I have been monitoring B floor with Beth Pridgeon at least twice a fortnight as part of a rota in place. Furthermore, as the lead for teaching and learning, my job along with Georgia Goodwin and Miss Hibbert has been to work on our plans to introduce a new and improved rewards system to give students the recognition they deserve for their hard work. I’m looking forward to Christmas and continuing to make Werneth a place to be proud of!


Lead of Whole School - Georgia Goodwin

I have really enjoyed my first half term as a senior student. I’ve been given the role of Whole School Leader and have enjoyed working with other people in the team to put forward our ideas. I have been working towards improving our rewards system by interviewing pupils from all year groups to get their opinions. I am looking forward to continuing this and presenting my ideas to Mr Bennet alongside Leah to give our feedback. After this, i’m going to be working towards any other tasks I am given and helping with any concerns other students may have while implementing our ideas.





Leads of Student Support - Callum Ollerenshaw and Abi Small

During the term so far the student support team has been trying to help settle students into school during this unusual time. We have been restricted in what we can do physically in school due to government guidelines and bubbles however we are still working hard to arrange activities for mental health awareness week including a possible non-uniform day. We also organised a oster challenge for the whole school to participate in for mental health week showcasing different methods for helping or caring or coping for yourself or others and we will be picking 2 winners from each year. I hope we help to support as many students as possible before our time at Werneth ends.


Our senior prefects - Aaron Church, Eloise Edwards, Beth Pridgeon, Daniel Rathburn, Ben Roberts, Nicholee Swindell-Mather

On our return to school, we have set our main goal and priority as keeping ourselves and other students safe and engaged during this unusual period of time. We are enforcing mask rules in between lessons and while on our duties, and encouraging other students to stay focused and use the time they have in school wisely to expand their knowledge academically. We hope we are a friendly face you can look up to in our school.





Returning to school:


We have loved helping you on our return to school and are proud of the way each and every student has come back and focused. We love seeing other students talking about lessons in corridors and revising after school. When we come back next half term, we are looking to focus on helping our students and being a voice for your opinions and ideas! We also wish all Year 11 students good luck in their mock exams at the end of November.


Drop in sessions:

We are looking to open up mental health drop in sessions where you can talk to a senior student about anything big or small in confidence. We can’t wait to start these as soon as it is safe to do so in the current climate and alongside distancing guidelines!


Mental health week 2020:

Mental health week may have passed, but is important all year. This year's theme is that everyone has mental health, and experiences it in some way, whether that be positive or negative. During lockdown there was a huge increase in the number of children reaching out to Mental Health Services. As you may know, we held an inter year group competition for creating mental health awareness posters. We are glad to hear from form tutors that this got students talking and thinking about mental health and what it is to them. The phrase and idea that it is “okay not to be okay” is completely correct. It is important that as a school and generation we stamp out the astigmatism around mental health and discuss our mental health to help both ourselves and others. Anyone who would like to talk to someone at any time should always feel free to contact form tutors, heads of years, teaching staff, HART staff and aunty senior students, or even just their friends. You can always email senior.students@wernethschool.com with questions or concerns, while drop in sessions are unavailable.


Thank you for reading our first blog of the year! We hope you have all enjoyed settling into school. Thank you to everyone for wearing a mask to keep others safe. Take care and stay safe!

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