15 January 2021

This week’s update contains …  

How to contact school; update on work in school and at home; form time and assemblies; free additional data; year 11 update; year 9 immunisations; laptops; free school meals; resources to support your child staying safe online and use playstation/x box to access Google Classroom


A lot of information as ever … please take some time to read through

Thanks to everyone for your hard work and patience this week as we have all adapted to the demands of lockdown, and trying to keep everyone fully engaged and working.  Teachers have reported widespread success both with the students in school, and out of school.  We know there have been some teething problems for some of you - mostly in Year 7 where you haven’t used this system before - and hopefully they will now be ironed out.  The Remote Learning team are working hard with your teachers to resolve any remaining issues.


We understand entirely that parents and carers are worried about making sure their child keeps up to date and engaged.  You are doing a great job in supporting your child.  We know it isn’t easy!  If they follow their timetabled lessons, they are keeping as up-to-date as they can in these difficult times.  Learning in this way will never make up for being in school - we all know that - but teachers are adapting and learning as we go, and we will continue to refine and improve our online learning offer.  There will be gaps during the day … we have deliberately shortened lessons to 50 minutes to help with this … it’s ok to take a break and have some downtime.  We all need it.


A reminder and plea on the school support emails  … PLEASE do not send multiple emails to every email account with the same request: it wastes our time and it delays our response to you as we have to work out who is dealing with it.



Use the emails below to contact us if possible, but you can also ring our office staff on 0161 494 1222 and they will help if they can.  Please note that most of our teachers are teaching remote learning from home, and we have a support staff rota on each day in school ….

so you will not be able to contact every member of staff if you ring us.

Emails have members of staff monitoring them daily during the week, and will get you the quickest response to resolve an issue.

When emailing any of these addresses, please ensure you state the student and the year group concerned … it’s easy to forget this vital piece of information!


For any password clarification or resets.  Our technical team will answer this every day on the same day during the week.


For non-password issues with your remote learning, or work to be sent home. We have a small team of staff in every day organising this.


If your child is in school as part of the Critical Worker/Vulnerable group, you can use this email to communicate with us if you need to do so


For anything else not covered by the above, or if you need our support and don’t know where to turn.

Remember that you can find teachers’ emails via this page on the website:

https://wernethschool.com/contact and select “Teaching Staff” in the box on the right.

Year Inclusion Managers are also in school on a rota: if you need to speak to them, you can contact them easiest therefore on the following days:

Miss Taylor, Year 7 on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS

Mrs Arnold, Year 8 on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS

Mrs Lewis, Year 9 on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS

Miss Hunt, Year 10 on WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS

Mrs Barnard, Year 11 on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS

If your child is classified in one of the government’s vulnerable categories and not in school, your year leader will contact you on the days listed above.  If your child has an Education Health and Care Plan, we are in the process of setting up so that a member of our SEN department will also contact regularly to check on their progress.




Children working in school

We have over 100 vulnerable and critical worker children in school.  To clarify, these children are being taught by a skeleton staff as teachers teach the remaining 1000 children at home with the remote learning.  All is going well, and they are following the same work as the 1000 children at home. 

A reminder that we have asked parents to give consent for weekly testing for their child if they come into school during any part of the week.  This programme has started today.  This is to ensure that school is as safe as it can be, and staff will also be tested.  If consent is not given and someone tests positive in school, your child will need to isolate.  If you give consent, they can test themselves each day and - where the test is negative - still come into school.

Reminder that children in school are provided with a lunch and drink: you may want to provide them with a snack and a (non fizzy) drink for break time.


Children working remotely, at home

Well done for all of the great contributions this week, and keep up the good work.  We are trying our best to introduce more video-style lessons as have been used by the English department this week.  Next week, the pre-recorded videos in Science will be replaced with Google Meet lessons.  History have also trialled some of these this week, and will be increasing these Google Meet lessons next week.


We will also be introducing a morning check-in with your form tutor, starting on Monday.  This will take place at 8.55am to 9.05am, and give you time to start lesson 1 at 9.10am.  It’s a check in just to say hello and get the chance to hear any key messages and receive any support.  For the other day in the week, this will be replaced by a year assembly involving your year leaders.


We have created over 100 large, printed workpacks this week for those who are struggling for IT resources.  If you have asked for a workpack, please come and collect it as per the email you have received.


Children Unable to complete work due to illness

We must submit a daily register to the government detailing attendance during this time, and we are checking your child’s engagement with lessons at home as well, as part of this.  It’s all to make sure children are still receiving the learning they need during this challenging time and we also have a legal and safeguarding duty to know where all our students are and that they are safe.


Reporting absence to school ….

If your child is unable to attend school/online learning. please contact us by 8.40am calling the absence line on 0161 494 1222 or email absence@wernethschool.com. Please state the reason for absence and when they

are likely to return. If we do not receive contact from you about your child’s absence, we will follow this up thoroughly- this may include a visit to your home.


Free Additional Data for mobile phones

We are able to access free additional data for mobile phones for families that meet the following criteria;

  • You do not have broadband internet at your home.
  • You are currently unable to afford additional data.
  • Your child is experiencing disruption to face-to-face education.

You would need to be a customer of one of the following mobile phone companies: Three; SMARTY; Virgin Mobile; EE; Tesco Mobile; Sky Mobile; 02.   If you meet these criteria and genuinely need additional data to support your child's learning because you use your mobile phone to access the internet please can you email mobiledata@wernethschool.com with the following information:

Name of the account holder (for the mobile phone number);

number of the mobile device;

mobile network of that device (e.g. Three)

Once we have received that information, a member of the school admin team will contact a Government online service requesting that you get additional free data.  When your network has processed the request you will receive a text from your provider confirming the increase in data.


Other matters …



  • Year 11 have had an important assembly this morning and we have contacted parents last weekend.  It’s just a reminder that learning goes on for Year 11 …. We still don’t know what the government are asking us to do to assess year 11, but you must be ready for any eventuality.  This may involve some form of testing.  So don’t give up on the work Year 11.  Parents, it would be useful to watch the assembly if you have time as it gives some context to the current situation with GCSEs.  Here is the link … https://wernethschool.com/school-life/assemblies
  • Year 9 parents have had contact about Year 9 immunisations next Monday for boys, and Tuesday for girls.  These are being conducted by NHS professionals, not school staff.  The NHS want us to proceed with these and had initially planned for them to take place at a location across the other side of Stockport.  I have agreed to let them use the Sports Hall.  Please note the allotted time, and you will enter the Sports Hall at your allotted time via Higson Avenue.  You will have no access to the main school, and you must ensure you maintain social distancing, returning home straight after your vaccination.
  • Laptops We continue to monitor and ask the government for support with laptops.  If you have any requests for laptops, please email the ineedhelp@ email address and we will keep you on our list.  If we receive any further devices, we can then contact you.
  • Free School Meals We have issued a round of Morrisons vouchers for this week, for those students who receive free school meals. These have been posted out to you. From next week, we will be using the Edenred ordering system. Next week you will be emailed a 16 digit e-code which you can exchange online for a selection of supermarket 'eGift cards'. You will then be able to take the eGift card in store and present at the tills to pay for food and groceries up to the value of the gift card. Some eGift cards can be spent online.  Supermarkets available on the scheme include Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda. Your eGift card will cover free school meals up to February half term. This will be reviewed at half term and alongside the latest Government advice.

If you have changed your email address since the previous lockdown in March and you haven’t informed school or if you have any queries relating to free school meals or the voucher scheme please email fsm@wernethschool.com.

  • REMEMBER If you are struggling with poverty as a result of COVID, do please let us know and we will do everything we can to support your family … ineedhelp@ email or your Year Inclusion Manager.  We are hoping to resume our hamper deliveries to those most in need soon.


Stay safe and well everyone!  We hope to see you all online or in school next week!

Stay at Home, Stay Safe and Protect the NHS through this difficult time.  Have a good weekend.




Helping your children stay safe when working at home:

Delivering online safety at home ( a guide for parents )


The Children's Commission has created this toolkit for parents. This contains numerous resources to help parents support their children around online safety and wellbeing.



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