22 January 2021

Parental Update - 22nd January 2021


This week’s update includes:  Free School Meals; Celebration of Remote Learning; Virtual Drama Club; Students in school testing update; Contacting us; New Lockdown Surgery; Introducing new Year 8 Year Leader; Parents’ Evenings; Academic Dates for 2021/22 school year;  Parents’ Resources for parents - Supporting mental health, stress and data increases


I hope everyone is coping as best they can under the current circumstances.  We continue on “full steam ahead” in school, and we miss the 93% of our school who are working from home.  Another bumper information update for you today covering many different areas ...


There is so much going on at the moment within schools nationally, as we juggle the many different and changing circumstances for school around the Coronavirus issue.  Government guidance adapts and changes almost every day.  I hope that this weekly update keeps you up-to-date from a Werneth perspective every week, and we will inform you of any urgent changes at other times if necessary.  We have been informed by the government that schools will not reopen until after half term at the earliest, and they will give us 2 weeks’ notice prior to a return.  We will of course update you as soon as we know.


Here’s a summary of the latest information...


Free School Meals - Government vouchers were ordered this week and you should have received them if you are in receipt of free school meals.  You have received a single voucher to cover up to half term.  We will issue more at a later date if the lockdown extends beyond then.

Any enquiries, please email fsm@wernethschool.com


Working from home - Thank you and well done to all of our home workers, and thanks for your positive feedback to us.  Teaching isn’t meant to be done via computers, and so it’s nice to hear from you when it’s going well.  I have started to collect examples of messages and excellent work from your teachers, and you can click the link here to read those.  

Can you see your name or your class included in the roll of celebration?   Celebration Gallery

We will update further in the coming weeks.


A reminder to catch up with your form tutor each morning from 8.55am until 9.05am, and your weekly assembly.  We know most of you are joining those - a chance for us to give key messages and for you to see your teachers.


Year 10 … Do you need your Graphics / Art books?  You can collect from reception if you need to do so.


Some of you with dyslexic children, or children that have sensory difficulties, may be finding that your child is struggling to see/read their screens at home if they are regularly using black text on a white background. If this is the case, you may find the following link useful. It is a free tool called Colorveil that you just download onto your computer. We have it on most of our computers at school. This easy tool enables them to change the colour of their screen to their own colour preference.  https://www.aurelitec.com/colorveil/windows/download/


Virtual Drama Club - We are launching a Virtual Drama Club for students who want to develop their artistic skills and have fun!   Some things we'll develop: Presentation and Performance Skills for Webcam, plus experience with all forms of Art – not just Drama: you’ll be developing skills in Art, Music, Dance, Costumes and Make-up, Set Design, Photography, Cinematography and more!  We will establish a Google Classroom, with Weekly Google Meets, Wednesdays 3:15 to 3:45 p.m. It’s okay if you can’t attend the Meets. There will be Arts Resources, Ideas and Discussion for you any time.  Here's a few good reasons to join us:

1.Students who pursue the Arts gain skills such as Self-discipline, Problem-Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, to name but a few.

2.EMPLOYABILITY! Arts students are highly sought-after by employers. New statistics reveal the Creative Industries sector is growing more than five times faster than the national economy. If you want to know more: UK’s Creative Industries contributes almost £13 million to the UK economy every hour - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

3. It's fun!

How to join: Email: emilie.brothers@wernethschool.com. You must write a sentence to say you want to join. If you can, explain why, what’s your favorite art form, i.e. Dance, Music, Photography, etc and share any ideas of what you’d like to create.


Students attending school - Where parents have returned a consent form, we are now testing students every week in school.  Staff are also being tested weekly.  The government has updated their guidance on this however this week.  If a young person who attends school tests positive in or out of school, the bubble now must still go home to isolate even if they receive a negative result in school.  Parents should be aware of this change.  The weekly testing in school is still a useful reassurance we believe, and so we are investing the time in making it happen.


Year 9 vaccinations - Took place in our Sports Hall on Monday and Tuesday … all went very well and over 80% of the year group attended.  Thank you on behalf of the NHS staff who administered the vaccinations.


Emails - Thank you for responding to my request re. emails last week.  Much quicker response times this week as a result.   Here’s a reminder of our contact information to support you ...



Use the emails below to contact us if possible, but you can also ring our office staff on 0161 494 1222 and they will help if they can.  Please note that most of our teachers are teaching remote learning from home, and we have a support staff rota on each day in school ….

so you will not be able to contact every member of staff if you ring us.

Emails have members of staff monitoring them daily during the week, and will get you the quickest response to resolve an issue.

When emailing any of these addresses, please ensure you state the student and the year group concerned … it’s easy to forget this vital piece of information!


For any password clarification or resets.  Our technical team will answer this every day on the same day during the week.


For non-password issues with your remote learning, or work to be sent home. We have a small team of staff in every day organising this.


If your child is in school as part of the Critical Worker/Vulnerable group, you can use this email to communicate with us if you need to do so


For anything else not covered by the above, or if you need our support and don’t know where to turn.

Remember that you can find teachers’ emails via this page on the website:

https://wernethschool.com/contact and select “Teaching Staff” in the box on the right.

Year Inclusion Managers are also in school on a rota: if you need to speak to them, you can contact them easiest therefore on the following days:

Miss Taylor, Year 7 on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS

Mrs Arnold, Year 8 on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS

Mrs Lewis, Year 9 on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS

Miss Hunt, Year 10 on WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS

Mrs Barnard, Year 11 on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS

If your child is classified in one of the government’s vulnerable categories and not in school, your year leader will contact you on the days listed above.  If your child has an Education Health and Care Plan, a member of our SEN department will also contact regularly to check on their progress.


NEW Parental Lockdown Surgery

Next Thursday ( 28th ) from 9am - 11am, First House Brinnington

We will have a desk in the library within First House for parents to drop in and make any requests of our staff.  You can also drop off workpacks, and request for workpacks to be available to pick up on this day by emailing remotelearning@wernethschool.com.  If it’s a question, just pop in to see us.


A formal introduction to Mrs Arnold, our new Year 8 Inclusion Manager.