23 February 2021



Confirmation to all parents that school is currently working through the new government guidelines for a full return to learning in school for all of our students.  This will take effect from week commencing Monday 8th March.


We will provide more details to parents and students in due course, hopefully later this week.  We are currently amending our risk assessments to meet the new requirements, and creating a plan to conduct tests for all students when they return.  In line with all schools, we want to get all students back in as quickly as possible from 8th March, and we are working out how we can best make this happen with the testing requirements.


In the meantime ...

> Keep attending the remote learning, so that you remain up-to-date

> Attend your form sessions and assemblies to get the latest information

> Be prepared to return from 8th March

> Please note that the wearing of a comfortable, plain face mask will be essential in school.

> Look out for further updates on our website, and edulink.  

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Category: Parental Update