26 February 2021


RETURN TO SCHOOL Parental Update - Friday 26th February 2021





A single topic this week, and that is to confirm the arrangements for a return to school - in line with government guidance - on Monday 8th March.  Like us, I am sure you will be relieved that children are returning to school very soon.  We know that it will be a mixture of relief, but also some anxiety for some of you.  As ever we are here to support you in that transition.  Please contact us if you need support.  A reminder that - for so many reasons - it’s crucial that children are in school…. for their education, but also for their social, emotional wellbeing.  We also know they will have missed their contact with friends and maybe even their teachers!


Before I go through the precise arrangements for return to school, a few key points for parents:

  • Remote learning will continue for all pupils, up to and including Friday 5th March.
  • All students are expected to return to school from 8th March in line with the arrangements below.
  • As was the case last term, if your child develops the symptoms of Coronavirus then you should of course not send them into school, book an external test for them and inform us of that.  If your child tests positive, you should provide us with a copy of that positive test result.
  • Schools remain as COVID-safe as we can make them, but it’s a responsibility that everyone in school must take seriously.  We want to keep everyone safe in school all of the time.  So our long risk assessment rules from last term still apply this time.  I will be sending a video next week for students to understand those rules again, with some new tweaks.  It’s only by working together to minimise risks that we can move beyond the current restrictions and return to normal.
  • Students will be returning in full school uniform, and following a full timetable.  The same year group bubble system that we operated before Christmas will still operate now, with the same social distancing rules, same dedicated staircases, and same break/lunch spaces.
  • A full school bus timetable will operate from 8th March.
  • I appeal to you to ensure that you purchase some comfortable and plain-coloured masks for your child.  This time, students and staff will be wearing masks for longer periods of the day, including in most lesson situations.  So getting the right mask is essential.
  • A reminder to ensure that your child’s school meal account is topped up for the return.

More details on all of this next week.



  • The government has asked us to complete 3 COVID tests within school for every student, each test spaced apart by 3 to 5 days.  They have given schools the option therefore to stagger the start date for year groups from 8th March.  We have deliberately tried to minimise any disruption and everyone will be back by the end of the morning on 8th March.
  • You have the right as parents to agree or deny consent for your child(ren) to take these tests.  I have been asked by Public Health England and the Department for Education to urge you to consent to your child taking the tests, as it is the best measure of limiting the further spread of the virus.  If you deny consent, your child is still expected to attend school full time from 8th March.
  • If you give consent for your child(ren) to be tested, please complete this online form as soon as possible. 

Covid Test Consent Form


Privacy notice - ( we are required by law to provide this to accompany the form )

On completion of receipt of your consent, they will then be automatically tested for 3 tests in school over the first two weeks of returning to school.


We really want to minimise the further disruption to your child’s learning, and therefore we want to make a start on the testing that is required for students next week.  You should complete the consent form and then send your child to school at the following time to complete their first test. 


For students in Years 10 and 11, the first test will be next Thursday in the Sports Hall

For students in Years 8 and 9, the first test will be next Friday in the Sports Hall

For Year 7, their first test will be on Monday 8th March.



You should report for your first COVID test in the following time slot:





Arrive between

9.00 and 9.50am

10C, 10E, 10H, 10L, 10N, 10O

8A, 8C, 8E,

8H, 8L, 8N

7A, 7C, 7E,

7H, 7L, 7N

Arrive between

10.00 and 10.50am

10R, 10S, 10T, 10W

8O, 8R, 8S, 8T

70, 7R, 7S,

7T, 7W

Arrive between

11.00 and 11.50am

11C, 11E, 11English, 11H, 11Maths, 11N

8W, 9C, 9E, 9H


Arrive between

12.00 and 12.50pm

11O, 11R, 11S, 11Science, 11T, 11W

9L, 9N, 9O, 9R,

9S, 9T, 9W



Notes for the testing on Thursday and Friday:

  • Students arrive for their slot, take their test then return home.
  • Testing will take place at the times shown above on this day.  You can arrive at any time within your slot.  We hope that your child will not need more than 10 minutes to take the test.
  • Please help us to minimise disruption over the coming weeks by sending your child into school at this time.  It will mean they then only need a further 2 tests over the next fortnight.
  • Students must use the Higson Avenue ( Sports Hall ) entrance.
  • Students must observe social distancing at all times, and must wear a mask.  Uniform is not required for this.
  • We can only test your child if you have returned the consent form above: students who are not taking a test must not come into school.



YEARS 8, 9, 10, 11


Return to school on Monday 8th March for an 8.40am start - registration and normal lessons for a BLUE Monday.

Your child should arrive for the time slot above on Monday 8th March.  You should enter school via the gate next to A1 ( near the tennis courts ) and will be directed to take your test.  Once your test is completed, you will go to BLUE Monday lessons for the remainder of the day.

NB Please note that - if your child returns prior to their 9am or 10am slot, we cannot admit them into the school building and they will remain on the tennis court until their slot commences.  This is the government guidance.


  • From Tuesday 9th March, all students will be following their normal timetable. 
  • We will complete a further two tests over the next fortnight by extracting children from their lessons on a rota, and then we will provide children with a test kit to administer at home after 3 tests have been completed. 
  • We can only give test kits to take home to those who have completed the three tests in school.


I will be issuing further information next week. Enjoy your final week of Remote Learning.  We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back into school.


Take care and have a good weekend,

Mr A Conroy, headteacher


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