19 March 2021

Parental Update - 19/3/21


This week: testing from home; uniform expectations; free school meals and food parcels; SRE - Life Learning; Food Technology assessments; Drama Club; Dance workshops; Werneth social media accounts


Spring is in the air and we are looking forward to the summer term!  It’s been a good week, and all of our students have now completed their third COVID test in school.  You should now be testing yourselves at home twice weekly - on Sundays and Wednesdays - using the Home Test kits.  You should still follow this schedule over the Easter holidays.  In school, it’s nice to have closed our testing centre and have our Hall back again.  We hope you are all coping with the testing at home.


What if my child tests positive at home using the test kit?

  • Let us know in school and keep your child at home
  • Book a PCR test via the testing centres as quickly as you can.
  • We will contact trace in school and send any children home who have been in close proximity with your child in lessons.
  • If the test from the testing centre returns as negative, provide us with a copy and your child can then return to school and the other children who have been sent home can also return.


A reminder that the Year 10 students who are currently isolating will be returning to school on Tuesday 23rd of next week.


Uniform expectations: It’s been a period of transition back towards “normal” education over recent weeks, and I want to remind everyone of some expectations in terms of uniform.  We will all be increasing our expectations on this over the coming half term:

  • Students should be in full school uniform.  If there are any issues in terms of uniform - and we understand that there can be issues with the expense of it sometimes - let us know, and we can help to manage this.
  • Hoodies should not be worn in school at all.  Coats are not necessary in school at all, but they must not be worn in classrooms unless the teacher says otherwise ( teachers are ventilating their classrooms at the moment, and on a cold day, a coat could be necessary at the discretion of the teacher ).
  • Mobile phones - we don’t want to see them in school at all.  They are a distraction.  They need to be switched off and kept out of sight at all times.  This includes headphones or ear pieces.


Free School Meals and Food Parcels: A note that our Manchester United Food Parcel scheme will operate on Wednesdays for two more weeks, which includes the first week of the Easter holidays.  Stockport local authority will also be co-ordinating free school meal vouchers to cover the Easter holiday period as well and these will come directly from them.


SRE: Life Learning - We want all children to grow up healthy, happy, safe, and able to manage the challenges and opportunities of modern Britain. That is why, from September 2020, all secondary age children will be taught Relationships, Sex and Health Education (SRE). Here at Werneth SRE has always formed a strong part of our Life Learning curriculum and will continue to do so with some additions to the units of learning.  Life Learning is designed to equip your child with knowledge to make informed decisions about their wellbeing, health and relationships as well as preparing them for a successful adult life. The world for all young people looks very different from the way it did 20 years ago when this curriculum was last updated – these changes bring the content into the 21st century, so that it is relevant for your child.    We can assure you that we have flexibility to deliver the content in a way that is age and developmentally appropriate and sensitive to the needs and religious background of all pupils. You can find the updated Life Learning curriculum and letter explaining the changes to SRE on our website by following this link:  https://www.wernethschool.com/curriculum/life-learning


Congratulations to our Year 11 students in Food Technology, who are completing their trial practical assessments at the moment in preparation for “the real thing” after Easter.  Mrs Oakes tells me that they are working so hard in preparation for that final practical piece.  Here are a few of their latest offerings to whet your appetite ...



Mrs Brothers wants to invite you to Virtual Drama Club: it is now open! 

Drama Studio (or participate at home via Google Classroom if you have to isolate)

Afterschool, 3:15 to (approx) 4:00 p.m.

Wednesdays: Yr 9s

Thursdays: Yr 8s

Fridays: Yr 7s

All welcome - if you're interested in joining late, please get in touch with Ms Brothers: emilie.brothers@wernethschool.com



Our Year 10 Dance students have been taking part in virtual workshops with James Cousins dance company throughout lockdown and now on our return to school.

During lockdown, students participated in a 1 hour practical class with company dancer 

Georgina, where they were put through their paces learning technique and repertoire based on the phenomenal work ‘Within Her Eyes’. Students enjoyed being challenged to creative tasks during the session and the work was congratulated from the company dancer delivering the session.

We have continued our virtual workshops this week with an online master class with the choreographer James Cousins himself. It was really exciting to be able to sit and talk to James about the intentions of his piece and the students learnt so much from the session even if we were all a little star struck. It has been fantastic to be able to offer our students this experience and they will now use their experiences to work towards completing their BTEC dance coursework.   Well done to our fabulous dance students who impressed James with their answers about his work during the session.

Social Media

We have received a few complaints this week from parents about Facebook pages that appear to be associated with Werneth School, and inappropriate comments that have been made on them.   The accounts that were mentioned are not affiliated with, or operated by, Werneth School.


It has allowed me to reflect on our social media policy, and discuss it with school leaders in the other schools within our trust.  And the upshot is that we will be closing the current Werneth School Facebook account, which we only use on rare occasions.  Instead, we will be using Twitter as our social media platform, and the PE department will continue with their Instagram account.


So - to confirm - the only affiliated social media accounts for Werneth School are:


School Twitter - @WernethSchool and @wernethreads ( English department, and library )

Instagram - PE Department - @wernethsport


Any other accounts are not managed by staff at our school, and therefore not affiliated to us.


Finally, a reminder that we break up for Easter next Friday at 3.10pm.  We will return to school on Monday 12th April at 8.40am.  We will be meeting Year 11 parents virtually for Parents’ Evening on the Thursday of that week.


Have a good weekend!




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