20 May 2022

This week’s update includes: GCSE Examinations start, and exams next week; Year 10 exams and forthcoming trips; PE Update; Stars of the Week


THE START OF GCSE EXAMINATIONS THIS WEEK: We have been waiting for the start of the GCSE examinations, and they have started with a real bang this week!  We have had a total of 10 GCSE examinations, including at least one paper in each of our core subjects: English, Mathematics and Science.  Our Year 11 students have been absolutely exemplary in their punctuality, behaviour and attendance.  They are a credit to us all.  Mrs Hunt, Year 11 Inclusion Manager, commented that “We have tackled our first English, Maths and Science papers this week - heavy duty stuff, but they have really worked so hard and should feel proud of their efforts. More exams next week, early nights and plenty of TLC and revision!”  Well done Year 11 - you are doing a great job so far.

Reminder of GCSE examinations next week:

Monday 23rd

9am start

GCSE Geography  Please bring a calculator, ruler, pen and pencil and be aware that Mr Nicholls' room will be open from 8:15 for last minute advice and revision

Tuesday 24th

9am start

1pm start

GCSE French - listening and reading

GCSE Physical Education

Wednesday 25th

9am start

1pm start

GCSE English Literature - “An Inspector Calls” & “A Christmas Carol”

GCSE Media Studies

Thursday 26th

9am start

1pm start

GCSE Spanish- listening and reading

GCSE Religious Studies

Friday 27th

9am start



1pm start

GCSE Science: Chemistry - Please bring a calculator, pen, pencil and ruler. Remember to use the periodic table provided throughout the exam.


GCSE Computer Science- onscreen


YEAR 10 NEWS from Mrs Massey …  A reminder to parents that Y10 students should be bringing their own revision materials into their CORE RE lessons, which can be viewed on their timetables on edulink.


Also could we add that there are only a limited number of appointment times left now for the Year 10 Virtual Examinations clinic on the 24th May. Appointments can be made via me between 3.30 and 6.30 via hannah.massey@wernethschool.com.


On a separate note - places are filling up for Rewards trip to Total Ninja and the Light Cinema (19th July)  and information is also coming home today about the  Year 10 Enrichment Trip to Manchester Youth Zone on 7th July. please could parents ensure they check and respond to letters asap. Any queries they can contact me on hannah.massey@wernethschool.com for the rewards trip (Total Ninja/Light Cinema) or Pamela Mason pamela.mason@wernethschool.com for the enrichment trip to Manchester Youth Zone.  

To clarify, the Year 10 trip on 7th July is NOT optional - all Year 10s will be taking part in this trip, as we have our new Year 7s in school that day and have deliberately arranged a day out for Year 10 to coincide with this.


PE Department Update:   A big well done to the students who were selected and competed in the Stockport athletics championships this Wednesday.  Students performed and behaved fantastically well.

A number of students placed in the top 3 of all schools in Stockport

Year 9 boys relay team 2nd

Year 10 javelin Sophie Fraser  2nd

Year 9 javelin emie Harrison 2nd

Year 10 long jump Katie Croft 3rd

Year 10 shot Mary Ojomo 1st

Year 10 javelin Saul smith 3rd

Year 10 shot Lewis Clayton 3rd

Year 8 800m Jack dale 3rd

Year 9 long jump suh Tafor 2nd

Year 9 800m Callum horobin 2nd

Year 9 100m Danny Guiver


Callum, Mary and Danny also qualified for the greater Manchester championships to represent Stockport as a result of their score


Well done to all!  The next league match takes place on Thursday 26th may at Woodbank Park from 3.10-6pm.


A reminder that we break up next Friday at 3.10pm and return on Monday 6th June for the final half term of the academic year.


Enjoy the weekend!




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