10 June 2022


                                                            Friday 10th June 2022



A very brief update this week as we return from half term.  A fuller update to come next Friday.  GCSE examinations are now in the middle of a busy programme, and our Year 11 students remain very focused.  Here is a reminder of the GCSEs to come next week.


Reminder of GCSE examinations for next week

Monday 13th June

9am start


GCSE Maths - calculator paper


Tuesday 14th June

9am start

1pm start

GCSE Geography - Geographical skills

GCSE Media Studies Paper 2

Wednesday 15th June

9am start

1pm start

GCSE Biology and Combined Science

GCSE Design & Technology

Thursday 16th June

9am start

1pm start

GCSE History- Anglo Saxon and Norman England 1060-1088

GCSE French - Writing

Friday 17th


9am start


GCSE Spanish - Writing



Further updates and end of term key dates to come next Friday.


Enjoy your weekend!

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