What is a Restorative Approach?

A Restorative Approach is one which focusses on the harm caused in an incident, and helps everyone to listen to each other’s point of view and take responsibility to put things right. A Restorative School concentrates on establishing respectful relationships across the whole school community, and takes steps to repair those relationships if things go wrong, so that everyone can move forward.

Have all Staff at Werneth School been trained?

All teaching staff at Werneth School have received Restorative Approaches training and understand the importance of maintaining good relationships, especially when one person or group has caused harm to others. Werneth School is part of an authority-wide project to embed Restorative Approaches across the borough.

How do Students know about Restorative Approaches?

Many Primary Schools in Stockport have adopted a Restorative Approach. Werneth School has trained Year 10 Student Restorative Approaches Ambassadors, who are there to help the new students make and maintain friendships and do their best in school.

Students also attend assemblies informing them of Restorative Approaches and how it works and there are display boards outside Restorative Meeting Rooms informing students of who they can approach for help.

Will my child be able to Access the Approach?

If there is an incident or concern in school and your child would like help and support to put things right and make sure that the behaviour does not happen again, they can talk to their form tutor or approach their Student Restorative Approaches Ambassador directly. Each subject department also has a designated member of teaching staff who is a Restorative Champion, trained to facilitate Restorative meetings.