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Posted on Friday 22nd May 2015.

The last day of term has arrived.  

Year 11 have had their final day today with those rituals of shirt signing, book signing, photos and tears.  We had a lovely lunch today with them, complete with cake.  This final week before the holidays is always a difficult one for both students and staff as their normal lessons are disrupted by the large number of exams, but all have coped valiantly.

We began the week with a Business Studies breakfast revision session with bananas, croissants and orange juice.  Many other subjects  followed suit like Textiles – it just gives an opportunity to calm nerves and offer a few last minute revision tips and these will continue through the exam period.

Year 11 have brought home their timetables for after the holidays and their revision sessions during the holidays and there are many – including Sunday with myself and Miss Johnson meeting our classes at school at 10am.  Staff work really hard to prepare for these sessions willingly, giving up their free time and their holidays to make a difference.  I am always grateful that they support our students in this way and I know it is Werneth staff going the extra mile that students really appreciate.  Please may I ask that parents support us in getting their children to these holiday sessions - every little bit helps!

A plea from History - Year 11 History Paper 1 is the first day back after half-term so as well as wishing everyone luck, the department wanted me to point out that they are running revision from 8.15am on the first day back. Exam content for 15 minutes in Miss Mosley's room and 15 minutes of exam skills and techniques with Mr Hodson. Students in Mr Carter’s class should start with Miss Mosley and Mr Hodson's group should start in his room.

As Year 11 leave, Year 10 move up to occupy that most coveted of roles – being the eldest in the school.  In the words of Uncle Ben from Spiderman with great power comes great responsibility.  This week saw prospective Year 10 Senior Students having their interviews.   As part of the process they will be starting on a trial basis after half-term. They were all confident and positively buzzing with ideas of how they would like to contribute to school life in their Senior Student roles.  A proud time for us all to see them moving into these positions of responsibility. 

So to sporting news . . . I have fantastic cricket news to share with you as Werneth U13 beat Marple Hall U13.  Howzat! Marple scored 84 after some excellent fielding and bowling by Werneth's Harry Foster and Dan Smith.  During Werneth innings we knocked off the 84 runs required with 5 balls to spare. Henry Armitage retired with a very well-made 26. Nathan Brookes batted responsibly for 17 and Harry Foster finished the game off with some quality shots. We are very proud of our team and we all now look forward to the Kingsway Cricket Festival on Wednesday 3rd June – as usual I will let you know how Werneth fares. 

More sporting news . . . Room 55 students took part in a cross-country event at Manor school on Tuesday. If you cast your minds back, you will no doubt remember the weather was awful on Tuesday. Our students showed determination and courage in running the course in such dreadful conditions. They all succeeded in completing the run, had a lovely time and their behaviour was outstanding.  They were a real credit to our school.  We are so proud of you!

Quizzing news from Nikki Heath, our celebrated Librarian, shares with us that Rhys Walker in Year 7 was chosen at random from our 100% Quiz Wall.  He is receiving his prize in this photo, a GAME voucher. 

Rhys not only has been gaining 100% in his quizzes but has already achieved his AR target for this term and we are only just halfway through it!  At this point in time our KS3 students have now read 141,767,027 words and read 6,027 books.  Well done, Werneth!

This week has seen auditions for “Oliver!”, our school show in 2015. 

Over 130 students auditioned to take part – it just goes to show how talented we are as a school.  These shows are the ones that children remember all their lives and we look forward to seeing the cast list announced and the rehearsals begin.

This week also saw our Year 6 Parents’ Coffee Morning where many parents came to meet with us before their children begin the formal steps to Transition.  Caroline Cherrington has already been into the primaries working with all the children but this signal the start of our formal work with Induction Day and Fun Days.  Such a great opportunity to meet with so many parents.

Speaking of Coffee Mornings, we had cakes today at break all provided by our Year 11 Senior Students for their Cake Sale in C2.  It was most popular and raised a great deal of money.

Staffing news begins with the fact that the D&T department are collecting for a project on recycling for Can Do Week.  Miss Smith would like any old clothes or bedding and Miss Whittle would love any of the following: magazines, maps, bottle tops, ring pulls from cans, beads, lego, buttons, zips, fastenings, old jewellery or watches, keys and shoelaces.  This could give me the needed motivation to tidy up in my house!  Please send anything you may have in with your child or they can be dropped off at Reception.

Our final news is that our Web-Designer, Stacey Mansfield, goes

off on Maternity Leave today.   She has done a fabulous job – particularly with my blogs!   We wish her a wonderful and restful time.


Enjoy your bank holiday weekend.   Here’s hoping the weather remains great for everyone!

Enjoy your weekend,

Alyson Littlewood

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