headteacherWerneth School is an 11-16 mixed, non-selective maintained secondary school in Stockport.

Our school is located in brand new premises in Bredbury, and is served primarily by 9 feeder primary schools. We work closely with our primary colleagues to ensure transition from primary is as seamless as possible.

Werneth is renowned for its inclusive ethos, as can be seen by our recent Quality Mark accreditation for Inclusion. The school is committed to the development of a broad and balanced all-through curriculum, matched to our students' diverse needs from Year 7 to Year 11.

2016 has led to the introduction of four core principles that will guide our development and practice as a school moving into the future:


Ensuring that our students are recognised for their achievements, and their needs are both understood and met on a daily basis.


Working productively with our students to create ownership and pride in their learning and educational experiences.


Creating a curriculum fit for the needs of every student, and allowing them to be positive and aspirational about their future.


Developing the characteristics of effective learning... independence, resilience, leadership and respect.

Our school is a strategic partner of two aspirational companies: Adidas and the Manchester United Foundation. We use both of these partners to deliver a wide range of educational experiences that complement our practice in school. The aim is to develop the leadership potential and skills of our students, and enable them to become successful young adults.

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Please read our expectations.


As you are aware there has been cases of Flu verified at a Stockport school. While it is not an issue in our school at this time we want to ensure that our children remain healthy and take every precaution against the spread of the virus. We have increased the cleaning levels in school and have given pupils information on good respiratory hygiene regimes. The following link gives further information on Flu. www.nhs.uk


There are two entrances to our new building for the foreseeable future. Located behind our old building, this will remain the case until our old building is demolished over the coming months. Deliveries will enter at our Higson Avenue entrance.

If you are a parent or visitor coming into school, you will only be able to access school down the entrance to the left of our site, as you look at the school from the main road. Parking here is limited, and there is a narrow entrance lane. You will walk around to the visitor entrance, and use the intercom to gain access to our reception area.


Year 10 Brinnington Parents' Evening - 1st February 9-5.30pm
Year 10 Parents’ Evening at School - 2nd February 4-7pm

Please can you use the old school car park or Harrytown's car park on parents evening. You can then walk round the old boys gym way to the new school Entrance. Limited disabled spaces will be available outside the new school.

You can view the map here.


Our Sports Hall has had a 'face lift' and is now available for community lettings

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Posted on Friday 20th January 2017

I’ve been speaking to all students this week in assemblies about the links between consistent effort and application above the basic level.  Consistent effort reaps reward, and that’s a key message for our Year 11 students following their Mock Results Day on Monday.  Understanding that their destiny now lies in their own hands, and they can improve those results with hard work and determination.

Following the Mock Results Day on Monday, some parents and students will be invited to attend a Year 11 Intervention Evening on Thursday 26th January ( next Thursday ) between 4.30 and 6.30. The purpose of the evening is to allow staff to discuss specific subject concerns and future intervention opportunities with students and parents.  Invitation letters with appointment times will be sent home on Monday and Tuesday of next week. 

Advanced notice that it is also Year 10 Parents’ Evening on 2nd February: more details to follow.  Our Year 10s were introduced this week to a new RAF Careers programme, and there will be more details to follow on this as well.

Meanwhile, some of our GCSE Art Students participated in a cultural day this week, with a tour of Liverpool city centre and the dock area.  They were taking creative pictures of architecture and the city.   The group visited the old side of town which consists of historic buildings with unusual doorways, ironwork and windows and  then to the polar opposite with the brand new Liverpool one area with state-of-the-art modern buildings.   We combined this with a trip to the Empire Theatre to see The Commitments. The students can then use the images, music and words from the story to photoshop with their architecture pictures.

The year 11 Food Technology group completed their making exam this week and performed spectacularly well.  You can see some examples of their examination work in this blog.

We have a large cohort of Young Carers at Werneth: students who care for a family member at home.  It is Young Carers awareness day on Thursday 26th January.  Form tutors will be recognising the issues that young carers have to face with their forms as part of this day.

Have a good weekend!


Andrew Conroy


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