The Computing department at Werneth School is focused on providing all its students with a set of skills and knowledge required for them to be successful in this digital multimedia age. We are constantly reviewing and adapting are materials to keep up with the pace of the ever changing world of computing and digital mobile devices. We help students to develop skills and tools which they can transfer throughout their educational and working lives.

All students get their own computer during their Computing lessons at both Key stages and have access to the latest Microsoft and programming development software, which can also be accessed from home.

All lessons are taught from multimedia base classrooms and by skilled and experienced staff. All students receive at least one lesson of computing per week increasing to 5/6 per fortnight for those choosing ICT and / or Computer Science as a GCSE option.

Key Stage 3 Computing (Digital Technology)

Digital technology is a key part of every student’s life and here at Werneth we are making sure that our students are fully skilled and prepared for the successfully application of these with their learning journeys with us.

At Key Stage 3 all students experience a wide range of IT and Computing topics, based on improving knowledge, skills and understanding, Hardware and Software, Databases, Web design using HTML, Web design using JavaScript, Spreadsheets, Digital Calculations. We cater for all levels of students.

In year 7 students are introduced to our network and systems and are taught all the basic skills they need to allow them to fully utilise the resources through their subsequent years at Werneth.

In year 8 are students are introduced to further digital technologies.   This ensures that all students have a sound foundation of Key computing skills and knowledge and are fully prepared for their GCSE’s and with their Option choices in our Computing Options of IT and Computer Science.

Key Stage 4 BTEC-IT and GCSE Computer Science

In year 9 we are preparing our students for their GCSEs with a foundation year where we will deliver more focused learning in our Computing subjects to students who have chosen our option pathways. Students who have chosen IT or Computer Science will have 5 Lessons per fortnight and will learn and practice all the key fundamental requirements in preparation for their continued GCSE lessons in year 10 and 11 and their examinations at the end of year 11. This year will provide an enhanced transition from KS3 to their GCSE qualifications.

For students choosing IT as one of their option subjects they will study a course put together to cover all the skills and knowledge required to become a highly competent IT user. It has been designed especially for the modern student in mind with the inclusion of all the latest social media terminology and digital devices. This course is ideal for any student wishing to gain the skills and knowledge required to work in a digital media and communication field.

For students choosing Computer Science as one of their option subjects they will study a newly designed course that covers all the skills and knowledge outlined by the DfES for a highly competent Computer Scientist. The newly accredited Computer Science course has been designed to provide students with the latest skills and knowledge to go on and study any of the computer disciplines at college and university. This course covers all the required topics including; hardware, software, problem solving, computational thinking, algorithms, networks & the internet and programming.

We are a very skilled and friendly department and are always willing to give our time to help our students succeed and achieve their best.

Any enquiries about Information Communication Technology or Computer Science can be made by emailing the address below...