Year 9 Options 2023


Please find below the Options booklet and the letters for Ebacc and Open pathways below.

Your child will have been placed on either the Open pathway or the Ebacc Pathway. An email has been sent out stating which pathway your child is on and a link to complete the online form is included in the email.

If you are unsure which pathway your child is on or not received the email with the link please contact  



Options Booklet

Year 8 students are arriving at the point in the year when they will start to make some choices about the subjects they will study next year. Students will make their final GCSE option choices at the end of Year 9.

All students will continue to study the core subjects (English, Maths and Science), the EBacc suite of subjects (History, Geography, a Modern Foreign Language and Computing) and the non-examined core curriculum (PE, RE and Life Learning). Alongside these, they will have a rotation of lessons covering all strands of Technology (Food Technology, Textiles and Engineering) and the Performing Arts (Dance, Drama and Music). All four Visual Arts will be covered over the course of Year 9 (Fine Art, Photography, Graphics and 3-D Sculpture).

In addition to the compulsory subjects above, students will have the opportunity to select from a list of enrichment subjects. This might be the opportunity to sample a new subject or to spend greater curriculum time on subjects they enjoy and are successful in.

You will receive a booklet containing information about the enrichment subjects alongside an online form for you to make your selections on 2nd March at the Year 8 Choices Evening or your child will bring this information home over the next two week, following assemblies in school.

We ask that you complete the online form by Monday 20th March 2023.

Link to online choices form 

Options Y8 Choices