Welcome to Werneth School Library!

We are open all day, every day, apart from FRIDAY BREAKTIMES for your child to read, study, research, type up homework and to quiz their Accelerated Reading books.

School Librarian: Helen Taylor helen.taylor@wernethschool.com

When will my child use the library?

All students in Years 7 and 8 have fortnightly library lessons. During this time your child will be taught how to use a library, and will have some reading for pleasure time, too.

Years 7 and 8 library sessions:

Students will read and quiz their Accelerated Reader books during their library time. This will enable them to improve their reading skills, and achieve their Accelerated Reader termly points targets.


Accelerated Reader is a reading scheme, and is currently being used by our Year 7 and 8 students.

Students read books that are at the right reading level for them. They then quiz their book in the library as soon as they have finished reading it. This can even be done in form time, with the Form Tutor's permission, or any break, lunch, before or after school, or during library lessons.

YOU can track your child's progress using the Home Connect program, which is linked to Accelerated Reader.

To track your child’s reading success, please click on the Home Connect link below.

Home Connect program - track your childs progress

Your child will have their AR username and password in their planners on page 17.

We run the following after school clubs:

Monday afternoon until 5pm - Film Club and Warhammer.

Warhammer-students are very welcome to leave their armies in the library rather than carrying them around all day.

Film Club-for more Film Club information, please see the ‘Into Film’ link for details.

Into Film

We are a group of book lovers who have:

  • Reviewed books for publishers;
  • Given feedback to authors on their not yet published books;
  • Created displays and 'glogs' about our fave books;
  • Shadowed Awards such as the Carnegie, Booktrust and the famous ‘The Read’ book Awards;
  • Teamed up with members of staff to encourage them to read more teen fiction, swop books and discuss their favourite authors.

Becoming a student librarian

Werneth's library is a busy, vibrant space during opening hours, and the librarian has 10 students to help her to keep the library running smoothly.

Librarians are selected by following an application process. Student librarian posts are advertised, application forms filled in, interviews conducted and 'trial' weeks worked before job posts are filled, just as they would for any job.

Librarians are following an SLA recommended award scheme gaining certificates and awards for completing various tasks. It is not just about issuing and stamping books!

For more information about any of the above, please see Mrs Taylor for more details or email her at helen.taylor@wernethschool.com

Eclipse Hosted is our school library catalogue, where you can search for library items, reserve books you want to read, and review books you have read. To review and reserve books, and to see your library loans, you will need a login. Please see Mrs Heath. To search for items, just click on the 'search' tab.

Eclipse Login to the Library

IMLS-the IMLS app will let you view your loans, review and reserve library books from the comfort of your own home. This can be downloaded from the App Store. Please see Mrs Heath for your login details.

What is accelerated reader?

Accelerated Reader is a reading scheme, and is being used by our Year 7, 8 and 9 students.

Students read books that are at the right reading level for them.  There is a website called AR Bookfind (see below) that students can use to see whether or not their books are quizzed. Books can be used from the school library, from home, on reading devices such as Kindles,  and from the public libraries.

Once students have finished their books, they take a quiz. Quizzes can only be taken in school.

We recommend that students quiz in the library during opening hours, so that feedback and 100% leaves can be put onto the 100% wall. However, students can quiz their AR books from any computer in school with Internet access.

Useful Links

Renaissance Home Connect

Home Connect program - track your childs progress

AR Bookfinder

Renaissance Learning

Top Tips!

  • Read every day for at least ten minutes;
  • Quiz as soon as you have finished reading your book;
  • Aim for 85% correct. Every 100% is a star on our 100% wall and the chance to win a £20 voucher of your choice;
  • Make sure you know your AR targets. If you are not sure ask Mrs Heath.