Years 7 - 11: Remote learning


If you have any queries regarding remote learning for your child please contact our remote learning coordinator in the first instance she will be able to support you in accessing the work.

Please use the below emails to get help

Email Addresses

Where a child has problems with / has lost a password.  We will reset and get back to you on the same day during the week

For any help other than passwords with remote learning.  This will be monitored daily.  This includes requests for printed work to be sent home.

For any queries or support not covered by the emails above, including free school meals and if pupils or parents need any support from school.




Any games consoles with a browser can be used to access Google Classroom. 

Below are videos showing you how to do this, youtube videos for xbox and playstation.


Google classroom video guide






What do I do if my child has been sent home as part of a bubble?


We are using Google classroom as our main platform for remote learning; this is a platform that can be used on phones, tablets and laptops. (see below for more information)


From Monday 28th September all subjects in all year groups will have a resource where students can access work they would be doing in school. If your child is self-isolating within a year group bubble and under the instruction of the school, they will receive a Google classroom lesson during their timetabled period.


For example, Monday period 1 if your child has History, they will log on to their History Google Classroom through the school website (or Google app) and a history teacher will be conducting a lesson. Your child will be able to submit typed comments and complete work as directed by their teacher through written comments. 

What should I expect work wise if my child is self-isolating due to exhibiting symptoms or awaiting a family member’s test result?


If your child is at home under these circumstances your child’s class teacher will direct them to activities and resources in the Google Classroom for them to complete independently.. There will be work for them to complete and they are able to return this to their class teacher electronically. Class teachers will be checking work regularly for these students. 


Note: if your child is self-isolating and NOT part of a bubble that has been sent home from school they will be able to access the work of Google classroom, but they will not be receiving an actual Google classroom lesson from their teacher, they will be accessing the materials online to work independently.


What if I have no internet access?


If your child has indicated that they do not have internet access then we are able to send a pack of photocopied work home. If you are worried or concerned that the pack of work has not arrived within a few days of your child being isolated, please contact the below members of staff to assist you with this


Once your child has completed their set work it is important that they receive feedback and it is marked. You are able to drop it into the office or post it back labelled clearly with your child’s name, their year group and the following staff member’s name. You are also able to pick up or request Work Pack 2 to be sent out or collected.


Contact details


Year 7

Mrs Tonge -

Mrs T Taylor -


Year 8

Mr Mujagic -

Ms Knee -


Year 9

Mrs Massey -

Ms Lewis -


Year 10

Mrs Aspinall -

Mrs Hunt -


Year 11

Mrs L Taylor -

Mrs S Barnard -


We will then notify you (via text, email or phone call) when the marked pack is ready to collect.



Mental Health - Support

School hours are from 8.45am to 3.10pm.

Start        Finish        Timetable
8.45 9.05 Registration / Assembly / Form Period
9.05 10.10 Period 1
10.10 11.10 Period 2
11.10 11.30 Break
11.30 12.30 Period 3
12.30 13.30 Period 4
13.30 14.10 Lunch Time
14.10 15.10 Period 5

Homework – Information and Key staff  Year 7. Usernames and passwords enquiries please contact your form tutor.


G.Hodson W
D.Matthews      R
S.Mosley N
J.Smith             T
C.Ellis H
J.Holden S
J.Sullivan C James
F.Southwell O
L.Wicks L
O.Darlington A


Remote Learning Y7


Tutor Reg  
A. Elder / K. Kiernan *F   W / 
A. Pullar
R. Astles R
R. Barbar N
T. Birds   T
S. McKeown H
T. Sloane S
J. McKenna C James
S. Higham O
J. McLoughlin JMc
H.McClaren HMc
E. Bennertt/J.Black EBe 


Remote Learning Y11

Covid - Mental Health Support