Mrs Dee
Your Anti-Bullying Officer

This website is available to offer support and help to students of Werneth School who feel they are being bullied or know of another person being bullied.

At Werneth School we have a number of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors who are trained to deal with situations where a person is being bullied. You can talk to someone anonymously via email or arrange to talk about bullying problems in person. This service is in confidence and no information will be disclosed unless we feel that you or another person may be at risk.

Bullying hurts; it makes you feel scared and upset. It can make you so upset that you can’t work well at school, some students say they have truanted school or pretended to be ill to get away from bullying.

Parents are welcome to make an appointment about any bullying issues.

Appointments are available every Wednesday 3.30 - 4pm. Please call 0161 494 1222

Advice for parents and carers on syberbullying