The Physical Education departmentat Werneth is experienced, enthusiastic and innovative. PE is delivered at Werneth School by seven teachers; this includes our SSCO Gemma Woods who works in our local primary schools to enable a settled transition in to year 7, as well as two heads of year and a member of the SLT team. The PE team has worked together over a number of years and provides a competitive, challenging but fun environment to flourish in

Year 7 and 8

Students study PE 3/4 times a week in year 7-8. Alongside Dance this meets the government guidelines of 2 hours of quality PE each week. During this time, termly units of work are completed. These units contain lesson plans and resources which are digitally shared with all staff and these resources are then differentiated in accordance with individual class or student requirements. The delivery of content, by staff, is based around the school’s Teaching and Learning emphasis of Co-operative Learning using a wide range of teaching and learning philosophy. The course for Year 9 GCE PE students focuses on our students beginning their GCSE preparatory studies and is manly based around developing their knowledge of fitness and health The primary focus for Key Stage 3 students is to develop their basic skills developed at primary school and begin to establish them in game and sport situations. They will take part in a broad and balanced curriculum which involves the following areas; net/wall games such as badminton an tennis, invasion games such as netball and football, striking and fielding games such as rounders and cricket as well as offering experiences to develop and extend fitness capabilities in athletics, cross country and orienteering. Students are encouraged to attend after school clubs and to extend their skills playing against local schools. We also aim to develop leadership skills within lessons and students are encouraged to work on this area in lessons by leading warm ups and umpiring games.

Year 9 - 11

At Werneth School students opting for GCSE PE study the AQA board.  Staff are well experienced in the delivery of this syllabus and two of the PE team mark exams giving greater insight into what students need to do to get the best grades available. Students taking GCSE PE receive 3 theory lessons and 5 practical lessons over a fortnight. These lessons allow us to prepare students for both their practical and theory exam as we have to video performances and cover a wide range of topics on the exam syllabus. Students will sit two written exams and will need to be able to answer extended essay type questions as well as multiple choice and short recall style questions.

For those students not selecting PE at Key Stage 4 they will have 3 lessons per fortnight. The focus of these lessons is to develop skills across a wide range of sports but also to promote long lasting exercise habits that will enable students to leave Werneth with good knowledge of how exercise can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To support this we have use of the local gym and swimming pool to use in PE lessons but we also use our fantastic links with our local primary schools to give students the opportunity to improve their leadership skills by taking lessons with younger students


The PE department is at the heart of the schools enrichment programme. We offer a full and varied extra-curricular programme both at lunch and after school. This timetable can be seen on the school website and is published in forms. Students are encouraged by PE staff to attend at least one after school club a week. Some clubs lead to selection for competitive school teams such as football and netball and some a based on a recreational and skill development ethos such as badminton and table tennis.

The department takes part in a large number of Stockport borough competitions from cross country to football and badminton. We have a number of students who have been extremely successful at Stockport level and have been selected for the county team.

Please e mail PE teachers if you would like any further information or look on the school website for key dates of fixtures and tournaments.

Any enquiries about Physical Education can be made by emailing the address below...