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Gareth Norman, Assistant Headteacher -

Sam Warrington - Subject Leader for Life Learning -

Hannah Cain

Pamela Mason - Careers Development Officer


Careers contact for employers

We are always keen to extend our careers programme. If you are a business or employer and feel you can help provide excellent careers information or opportunities for our students, then please contact the school's careers leaders: Mrs Rhiannon Chantler or Mrs Natalie Smith-O’Connell.

The aims of Careers Education at Werneth are to:

  • Develop a careers guidance system that is right for our students, personalising our provision to their needs as individuals.
  • Raise students’ achievement to allow them to develop aspirational but realistic paths into the workplace.
  • Support inclusion and promote equality of opportunity and encourage students to contribute positively to their communities.
  • Encourage participation in lifelong learning, including further and higher education as well as learning through apprenticeships and work.
  • Allow students to develop a broad understanding of the world of work and an ability to respond to changing opportunities through labour market education and independent research.
  • Empower students with access to information and guidance to allow them to independently research their paths into work, college, sixth form, further education, Higher Education and Apprenticeships.
  • Allow students, the opportunity to enhance their skills for work and core competencies in line with our Academies values through the curriculum and independent learning.
  • Allow the students an opportunity to be self-aware of their individual skills and qualities as well as their development needs when researching and making future choices.
  • For our learners to be enthusiastic about their future opportunities and embrace their future.
  • Embrace the Gatsby benchmark model to support our strategic goals in achieving an outstanding school wide careers provision for our learners.

















Post-16 Information Evening 22/23



Open Event Dates

Stockport College

Thursday 29th September 4.30 pm - 7.00 pm

Saturday 12th November 10.30 am - 1.00 pm

Thursday 23rd March 4.30 pm - 7.00 pm

Saturday 17th June 10.30 am - 1.00 pm

Aquinas College

Saturday 24th September 10am - 1pm

Thursday 13th october 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Wednesday 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Tameside College

Wednesday 28th September 5pm - 8pm

Monday 3rd October 5pm - 8pm

Saturday 15th October 10am - 2pm

Monday 14th November 5am - 8pm 

Clarendon sixth form college

virtual open days, see college website

Loreto college

Saturday 9th October

Sunday 17th October 

Marple College

Thursday 22nd September 7.30pm - 7pm

Saturday 5th November 10.30pm - 1pm

Cheadle College

Thursday 22nd September 4.30pm - 7pm

Saturday 12th November 10.30pm - 1pm

Xaverian College

Saturday 8th October 10.30am - 2pm

Saturday 16th October 10.30pm - 2pm 

Hazel Grove Sixth Form Wednesday 9th November 6pm - 8.45pm
Ashton Sixth Form College

Tuesday 27th September 2022 5pm - 8pm

Saturday 15th October 2022 10am - 1pm  

Students can register their attendance at -

Year 11 Taster and Parent Conference 

Saturday 19th November 2022 9.30am - 12.30pm

Year 11 students are invited to experience the subjects that interest them at our Taster Event. Students will try out three subjects and gain an understanding and feel for college life. Parents/Guardians are invited to the Parent Conference to find out more about what makes Ashton different, the support available to students and their next steps.


Students can register their attendance at -

Growth Company Greater Manchester Skills Centre 

Thursday 20th October 4pm - 6pm

Thursday 24th November 4pm - 6pm

Students can register their attendance at -


Post 16+


What is an Apprenticeship video Link

Amazing Apprenticeships parent pack link

Apprenticeship Advice Link

SR Apprenticeships - Updated 02/07/21

GM Higher Links


Parent/Carer talks (Y10/11)

30-minute online session

Development level activity

The presentation will provide greater emphasis around the importance of post-16 decision making and the role of parents and carers in supporting learners to achieve their goals. Parents will have the opportunity to chat informally with a member of the team following the talk.

Why HE? – presentation (year 10-11)

30-minute online session.

Provides a more detailed look at higher education pathways, including degree apprenticeships, and how these can be informed by decisions at age 16.

HE Uncovered- presentation (year 8-9)


30-minute online session

Introductory level activity.

Introduces the learner to higher education and links to the importance of GCSE subject choices and attainment as a gateway to success.

Study Skills – workshop (year 10-11)

30-minute online session.

Development level activity.

This session will help learners to develop effective study strategies including managing their time and distractions, note-taking and self-reflection, supporting them to feel more confident in the classroom.

If you would like to book any of these please go on to the link provided and express your interest through the booking form in these links.

Apprenticeship helpful links

Please click to view links

Amazing Apprenticeship Resources Link

T levels Info 21/22 Parents Guide

T Levels - Resource document Link

NHS Links



If you're thinking about pursuing a career in the NHS then the online quizzes are an invaluable way to get personalised NHS career ideas in just a few minutes! Give them a try: