Curriculum Intent

The VTCT Level 2 Certificate in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy (VRQ) is a Technical Award specifically for 14-16 year olds. This qualification aims to support young people to:
- develop a broad and comprehensive understanding of the hair and beauty sector
- develop knowledge which spans the entire vocational sector and related industries
- develop academic study and transferable skills that will support progression within the hair and beauty sector. 
The aim of this qualification is to use the hair and beauty sector as a vehicle to develop learners more broadly, so they are prepared and equipped with the knowledge, understanding and skills to pursue a career in any context..

Curriculum Features

The course consists of Four modules. Two of which are compulsory, which are: 
Enterprise in the Hair and Beauty Sector  - which covers business, profit, loss, product manufacturing and Entrepreneurship. 
Understanding the Hair and Beauty Sector - understanding the structure and importance of the UK hair and beauty sector. Know the products, services and treatments provided in the hair and beauty sector. Understanding the career opportunities available in the hair and beauty sector. 

The two optional modules, which we have selected to study are: 
Research in the Hair and Beauty Sector - plan, produce and carry out a research project. 
Responding to a Design Brief - analysing a design brief, developing and presenting ideas using a range of textiles and materials. 

Co-curriculum Enrichment

The Hair and Beauty course links to many other curriculum areas such as; 
Business studies - e.g. profit, loss, business models, tax, GDP, economy. 
Maths - understanding bulk buying, calculating expenditure, profit and loss. 
Art - fulfilling a design brief, using a range of textures and materials to create a design brief, Makeup artistry for events such as fancy dress parties etc. 
Photography - links to the photography sector, creating a design brief suited to a photographer. 
Media - understanding how the hair and beauty sector contributes to the TV, Film, Theatre and magazine industry. 
Biology - understanding of the layers of the skin and hair and how PH levels and other products can affect these. 
Chemistry - understanding the use and dangers of chemicals in the workplace. 
History - links to certain eras, for example, the Roaring 20’s (hair and makeup trends), the 1950s and the reasons behind the changing styles throughout the decades.