Inclusion at Werneth School

Werneth School prides itself in ensuring that we provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment where every student can feel empowered to grow, learn and develop themselves.


We recognise that to achieve this we must ensure that our LGB+ and Trans students feel that they have a safe learning environment which allows them to be themselves.


To achieve this, we have within school a number of support options for students who think they might be lesbian, gay, bisexual or are questioning their sexual orientation, and/or who think they might be trans, non-binary or are questioning their gender identity.

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We are all different, so what affects your wellbeing may not be the same for somebody else. Howeverit is essential that you know that there are staff at Werneth who are committed to providing care, support and guidance, plus one-to-one counselling on all issues related to your Health and Well-Being

The HART team already provides a confidential one-to-one support service to many students who are questioning their sexuality or gender. We are here to listen and offer specific advice and support to you and, if you wish to your parents, to help address any concerns you or they may have.


Sexuality can be a very complicated issue for young people….and many adults!

As a result, young people often face discrimination, bullying or violence and experience much higher incidents of mental health as a result.

There are lots of different types of sexuality, and so feeling comfortable with your own sexuality – and any label you put on it – is what matters


Gender is another key issue that students at Werneth struggle with, but they don’t need to do this on their own

Gender describes a person's internal sense of their identity. For example, someone might identify as a woman or girl, non-binary, transgender, a man or boy, gender fluid, or something different.