Werneth school has access to Beacon Counselling services every Tuesday where students can receive confidential advice and support. The HART Teams works closely with the counsellor to make referrals where appropriate

Beacon counselling can help you if you feel life is getting on top of you or your emotions are confusing you to the point where you can’t sort them out alone or with your friends and family.

Counselling is totally confidential – which means that as long as you aren’t at risk of being seriously hurt by another person, or seriously hurting yourself, Teresa will keep what you say confidential, unless it is a safeguarding issue

Some of the things she can help with are:

  • Problems in relationships with family, friends or others
  • Feeling anxious or “not good enough”
  • Being angry a lot of the time or struggling to control your temper
  • Feeling low or unhappy
  • Losing someone you love
  • Finding ways to speak out about and survive abuse
  • Wanting to hurt yourself

Click the link below  information about Beacon Counselling