Curriculum Intent

Interactive Media provides opportunities for students to work collaboratively and build transferrable skills which can help them in a variety of lucrative and increasingly in demand work and business opportunities.
Students measure their success during their interactions with their teacher, in written assessments, on-line activities and in practical activities.

Curriculum Features

In Interactive Media lessons students will develop a keen understanding and build empathy for others as they study how to plan, design, build, evaluate and promote apps considering a client’s needs and current societal trends.

Co-curriculum Enrichment

It is the department’s avowed intention to build resilience, increase engagement in challenging activities, confidence when discussing controversial topics and increase students’ rigour in peer assessing written work.  
There are common links between other subjects such as art and design, product design and graphic design.


We are a very skilled and friendly department and are always willing to give our time to help our students succeed and achieve their best.  We are focused on providing all its students with a set of skills and knowledge required for them to be successful in this digital multimedia age. We are constantly reviewing and adapting are materials to keep up with the pace of the ever-changing world of computing and digital mobile devices. We help students to develop skills and tools which they can transfer throughout their educational and working lives.

All students get their own computer during their Computing lessons at both Key stages and have access to the latest Microsoft and programming development software, which can also be accessed from home.

All lessons are taught by skilled and experienced staff. All students receive at least one lesson of computing per week increasing to 3 per fortnight in Year 9 then 6 per fortnight for those choosing Interactive Media and / or Computer Science at Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 3

Computers and mobile devices are key part of every student’s life both inside and outside school.  Here at Werneth we are making sure that our students are fully skilled and prepared for the successfully application of these with their learning journeys with us.

At Key Stage 3 all students experience a wide range of topics, based on improving knowledge, skills and understanding in both Computer Science and Interactive Media. We cater for all levels of students.

In Year 7 students are introduced to our network and systems and are taught all the basic skills they need to allow them to fully utilise the resources through their subsequent years at Werneth. They also cover Hardware and Software, Computer Networks, Computational Thinking and Web design using HTML

In Year 8 are students are introduced to deeper computing concepts including web interaction using JavaScript, Modelling with Spreadsheets and Digital Calculations using Python.

In Year 9 are students choose between Interactive Media where they learn how to make apps without text-based coding and Computer Science where they learn how to program using Python.

Key Stage 4: GCSE Creative iMedia


Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia is media sector-focused, including film, television, web development, gaming and animation, and has IT at its heart. It provides knowledge in a number of key areas in this field from pre-production skills to digital animation and has a motivating, hands-on approach to both teaching and learning. With an exciting choice of optional units for the Certificate and students have the freedom to explore the areas of creative media that interest them. 

This vocationally-related qualification takes an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment. It will equip learners with a range of skills and provide opportunities to develop, in context, transferable skills such as research, planning, and review, working with others and communicating creative concepts effectively. The hands-on approach has strong relevance to the way young people use the technology required in creative media.