Work for students on short term absences (Or exclusions of up to 5 days)

When a student has a short absence from school, work is available using the guidance below. Most families now have access to the internet. If you do not have access to the internet, we advise you to contact your family manager for support.

Students should keep copies of all work done during the absence. Excluded students should bring these to the formal meeting to discuss the return to school. Students absent for other reasons should give the work to the subject teacher in the lesson on the first week back.

How to access work via the internet go to where links can be found to access online resource to aid home study.

Alternatively the links are below:

My Maths

Maths Watch

Method Maths

BBC Bitesize

There is work here for all years (GCSE and Key Stage 3).

Remote Desktop

Access student work from home or any computer with internet connection.

If the absence is known well in advance, tell subjects teachers and family manager. Teachers can provide specific tasks. Students always have work set which can be done at home from textbooks and/or worksheets or set on Google Classroom

They can always access their work from home using google classroom Google Classroom logging in with their email address and network password

If the absence is for longer, you should seek the advice of your Year Inclusion Manager.